Thursday, October 22, 2015


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This month was ALL about, treats, you get the idea. Heck - the people get all the pumpkin stuff, why not us???

Mom decided to try the Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! supplements. We got to try some and those that got a taste seemed to enjoy it. But mainly mom has been adding it to the KMR for the apple kittens. There are advantages to pumpkin being added to a diet - in the case of the kittens we are hoping some fiber will be a benefit (if you know what we mean). And this has two ingredients: pumpkin and water. THAT'S IT!! It comes in a box of 12 pouches - which makes giving it so easy.

Now, we know what you are thinking....why not just get a can of pumpkin from the store?? Here's the thing: kittens don't eat that much and a good deal of it might go to waste. Plus - even if mom saved the can, she would probably put it in the fridge and completely forget it was there. And then bad things happen. :)  This is easy storage, easy open and since there is water mixed in already, it is kind of a slushy consistency, which makes it much easier to mix in with the canned food the kittens are getting or even with KMR.

Don't worry....we got to try some too and there were no objections from everyone else here. Certainly as a supplement it is something we would consider keeping in the cupboard.


  1. We don't mind pumpkin mixed into our food, either, and it's a great fixer-upper when things aren't quite right going through the digestive system. The head peep loves how convenient the individual packages are comapred to the big cans, too!

  2. I've never tried it with my cats. Would pure pumpkin from a store be safe and just as good?

    1. mom isn't sure how long you could store pure pumpkin in the fridge... while it would certainly be just as good, it may end up being more trouble

  3. My human has been using the pouch to add pumpkin to Binga and Boodie's food (it helps for both soft and too-firm stool, Boodie has the former and Binga the latter). But she really thinks she should take the time to go to the store and put canned pumpkin in ice cube trays for the freezer - much cheaper!

  4. Great review! That was very helpful about "why not just a can", as we were wondering just that! Our mom would forget about it, too. Then - bam-oh -- a science project!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  5. All of us LOVE pumpkin in our house!

  6. We have some of that pumpkin. The mom needs to start giving it to us.

  7. Treats are a great idea. I have tried buying cans of pumpkin and you are correct, it goes to waste.

  8. Hmmmmmm, interesting! We have never tried the stuffs.

  9. First time I bought a can of pumpkin for my cat, the cashier said, "let me guess, you're making a pie?" I said, "nope, it's for my cat." She gave me the most puzzled look! These treats look easier for sure!


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