Tuesday, August 25, 2015

scratcher review

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This time around we were offered several things but decided to give a new toy a try since mom says we don't need more treats (whatever). We got the Catit Bench Scratcher and LOVE IT.

We had solely been using vertical posts until one momma cat refused to use those and insisted on using the carpet to sharpen her nails. Mom decided to get one over on her and bought a cardboard scratching pad for her. Not only did the momma cat like it, but the rest of us did too. We beat the daylights out of the last one, so it was good timing when we were offered this one.

As head mancat, Tommy was the first to check it out. Snoopervised by Topeka of course....

hmmmm.....what is it??
(keep in mind no catnip was used....we don't get that much here
due to a certain head mancat being a mean drunk)

Tim decided it makes a wonderful throne.

Notice Nashville balancing on one end.
This would be one drawback to this particular bench....
when an adult walks on it, they tend to avoid the ends so big problem.
The kittens tend to step on the edges and make the whole thing pop up.
Except in this case - he must not weigh enough. MOL

also good as a head rest

or a sleeping bench

If you look closely, you will notice some of the red paper missing. A certain 1 year old kitten (*cough*Daiquiri*cough*) decided that is didn't meet with her approval for some reason and has taken to removing the paper. Which of course leads to pieces of red paper all over the condo. But it isn't a very big deal and mom says she can live with it.

We have had it out now for over a week and considering the number of cats using it, it has held up to the abuse quite well. Mom has to order us more food and did notice that Catit makes bench that doesn't have legs and she may order a couple for us with our next food order.

Altogether, we give it paws up!!


  1. That is one of our very favorite items. We love that scratcher. And it looks like most of you like it too. Love the sleeping kitten on it. You all have a great day.

  2. This sounds like a great scratcher - I've been seeing it on lots of kitties' blogs and everybody seems to love it.

  3. That looks VERY fun! I love the look on Tim's face in the shot of him! Ha roo!!! Is that Topeka snoozing on it, using it for a sleeping bench? So totally adorable!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. Looks like everyone is enjoying the scratcher.

  5. That scratcher has certainly been a huge hit in the cat blogosphere!!!

  6. That scratcher looks like a lot of fun. Pierre really prefers horizontal scratching, too, so he would probably go for that.

  7. We gots one of those recently too. Sasha and Saku will sniff it and sit on it, but only Sami has taken to using it as a scratcher. But that's okay 'cuz before that she used mom bean's fur-niture.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Our really enjoy this type of scratcher and love your review!

    These make a bit of bitty dust stuff but Mum shrugs and says 'whatever, if it makes US very happy!

  9. The scratcher looks like it's very popular - and you're so right, Tim is sitting on it like a King!

  10. Awesome scratcher! We have paper peelers here too, Leo is the big one who doesn't like the pretty paper on the sides... But oddly enough, Cashmere is the real paper shredder! If you want to keep some paper, you best not let it get near her or she will kindly shred it for you!


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