Friday, August 7, 2015

Random Fridays

clerical note - the mom is not only a techno-dork, she can't do math. Tuesday was Tim and Tom's 10th Gotcha Day. FYI - that means they will be 12 in October. Geez.....

If all goes as plans (and heaven knows it rarely does around here), mom will take the spice kittens to an adoption event on Saturday. She intends to take a sign "we are ALMOST available for adoption. we are having surgery tomorrow and then can go home. feel free to fill out an application". Hopefully that will keep her out of trouble for taking unfixed kittens to an adoption event.
Anise is skeptical of mom's plan

They are doing MUCH better. Mom cut out all canned food and they seem to be doing about 90% better. What cracks mom up is that she can almost tell you their adoption order - Tamarind (the snowshoe) or Cinnamon (the fuzzy tabby) first and second. Then Anise or Tumeric. What gets mom is that Anise has the most outgoing, sweetest personality. They still aren't allowed out of the bathroom, but every time mom is in there, Anise begs to be picked up and if mom is doing something will come over and bump noses with her. And makes a constant and valiant effort to was chasing her around the condo at 3am last night.

Surgery is planned for Sunday. Mom called the low cost clinic and they said their next appointment was the 18th. Really?? Mom asked the rescue lady and she said another mobile clinic would be out on Sunday. The plan is to take the spice kittens and London (and if London so much as THINKS about sneezing on the vet, mom might scream).

The TNR kittens are doing great. Topeka is definitively the friendliest. She brushes by mom just in passing and loves to cuddle. The boys will cuddle but it has to be on their terms. But they are all super playful and healthy. Mom has had the smaller gate across the top of the stairs and someone moved it the other day just enough that the kittens could get around it. And they had a blast running up and down the steps.  Mom needs to weigh them, but she doesn't think they are too close to 2 pounds yet.

Tune in Monday for another celebration. Mom didn't realize how many things come up in August until she started planning her calendar. :)

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!!


  1. WE sure wish all the kittiies luck in finding that purrfect home. Topeka is still my favorite. Hope it all goes well for the Spice kitties..

  2. Yay for all these kittens! Adopters will fall in love, I just know it!

  3. Paws crossed that ALL four kittens get dibs on Saturday!

  4. We're purring that the kits find their furever homes quickly. :)

  5. I hope the kittens get their homes at the adoption event.

  6. Well, Kansas is a very friendly place, so I'm not surprised about Topeka! Ha roo roo roo!
    We hope the adoption event goes well!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  7. guys...tell yur mom her doez WAY better in math than we due for fishes at de adoptshunz eeeee vent...we hope everee one findz ther for everz ...for ever home ~~~~~

    heerz two a hairtail, madtom fish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  8. Such darling babies! It always makes me smile when these smallest cats learn to love people at such an early age.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  9. We have our fingers and paws crossed that the spice kittens all find homes on Saturday! How awesome would THAT be? :)

  10. You been busy keeping all of them in line. You do awesome rescue work, thank you!!! Hope they get some great pre-adoption applications on them.

  11. Oh GOOD LUCK kittens!! At Mum's local rescue they have a similar sign - kittens are neutered and full shots before they go - and you know why? Because people never took the kitten back for it booster shot if thy kitten was released before it! Silly people huh! Guys, live long and pawspurrrr, may your ives be long and safe,
    Silver, Miranda and Harvey

  12. 10...12...what's a few numbers anywayz? At least she didn't fall off a ROCKING chair!! (oops, did we say that???)


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