Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Opt to Adopt - Mae West

Yes, we know she has been on here before, but we have an update....

Since we don't currently have adoptable kittens in the house, and the adoption center has been so busy that mom didn't want to take kittens from there, she decided to take Mae with her on Saturday to the Petco adoption weekend. Mae of course expressed her displeasure at going in the carrier, going in the car, and going in the crate. MOL

However, things are looking up for Mae. She is out and about at the adoption center - though she has claimed the large trash can that holds the litter as her personal space. She has slimmed down some - not quite so curvy. She is still a talker though.

And....she is a lover. OK- mom discovered that Mae doesn't like her so much....appears the girl is holding a grudge about something. But our friend Miss Emily said she can pick Mae up and carry her around like a baby. And Mae was flirting like mad with the staff and a couple of customers at the store. No adoption interest, but at least she was turning on the charm.

That being said, she was giving the two other cats at the store "the look" and growled a couple of times. But with slow introductions, we know she would be ok. A gentleman came in with a toy poodle and Mae lost her mind - full Halloween cat mode. Though a couple came in later with a puggle and she seemed fine. So either she was getting used to it, or poodles are scarier than puggles. Who knows??  :)


  1. We hope Mae West will soon be adopted.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Mae West sounds like such a character. Some one is going to like her. Hope she finds a home really soon.

  3. Louie would like to offer a word of advice to Mae West on dogs: "Run away while hissing for the first few days, THEN run up and snuggle. Then, two days later, swat the dog in the face. Then try to cuddle again. I guarantee you will keep the dog guessing and concerned!" Good luck, Mae West! You can do it!

  4. Good luck to Miss Mae, I hope she finds her forever home soon! She is such a pretty girl.

  5. mae...we haz said it bee fore but we will glad lee say it again, de best oh fishes two ewe that ya finds yur for evers....in fact, we hope ya finds it N iz IN it by de end oh de month.....N with out dawgs !!

  6. Mae is so beautiful, and it sounds like she's full of personality. Hopefully one of the visitors to Petco will see her and fall in love!

  7. She is beautiful and will find just the right person to patiently help her fully become trusting.

  8. We're so glad she's a cuddler (for some peeps, MOL!!) Wishing her a forever home SOON!

  9. She is so very beautiful!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher


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