Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Opt to Adopt - Winnie's Wish

If you have never heard about this small private rescue, you need to click and read. Chrystal lives in Southern Illinois and does her best on her own. With the help of her dedicated followers, two cat houses have been built on her property to house the cats that need her help. But, like all pets, they would love to have a home of their own....

Peter Pan


You can find the entire list of available cats on the Petfinder list. And don't think Illinois is a haul....we have helped them place adoptions in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, California and Canada!!


  1. I appreciate you, and for that matter all the rescuers and cat advocates who "put their money where their mouth is" meaning take positive action in helping. The labor and love is stunning to read or see.

  2. We think Winnie's wish is a very special place and Chrystle does so much for the cats who need new homes. She makes lovely cat beds so she can get some money to help the needy cats. If you haven't been to see her please o over and take a look.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Oh! Thanks for the reminder - I keep meaning to post some of their kitties to my Pinterest "kitties needing a home" board!

  4. We do our best to support Chrystal and Winnie's Wish when we can.

  5. Our blog community is filled with so many who put the needs of kitties and pups before their own comfort, they, including Crystal...and you...are heroes.

  6. Chrystal does amazing work. We sure do hope for forever homes for these guys soon!


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