Friday, October 17, 2014

Random Fridays

Fountain update:
It has been a week and we love it. Mom is making sure to wipe the edge of the water dish every few days in an effort to help Tim. And so reaction. If you look at the picture above, he seems to drink more from the opposite edge, so we bet that is helping too.  Maxwell, Faraday and Allie's mom asked about the filter...we haven't noticed any clogs or anything. You can't see the refilter part in this picture, but there is a small opening near the bottom of the dish (about where Tim's nose is at) where the water circulates back through and that is where the filter goes. Now...there is a considerable amount of cat hair in this house. Mom has fished a little bit out of the opening, but nothing major. And seriously - this thing is QUIET!! Mom has even gotten used to the blue alien light flickering at night. MOL

Coral went to the vet last night. No really good news. The concern of the vet is her eyes - they seem a little worse and mom is taking her this afternoon to have the pressures checked - there is such a think as sudden onset glaucoma...which can be painful. Coral walked around the vet office last night and really the only thing saving her from walking into a wall was her whiskers. Mom's major concern is getting Coral to eat...without getting some nutrition in her, there becomes a greater concern about everything else. She did eat ok this am, but nothing really seems to catch her attention. We will keep you posted and thanks for all your purrs.... they mean a lot.

Mom is spending some time with our friend BZ Tat tomorrow at an art retreat. Can't wait to see the weird results from that. (mom is not so much in the artitistic flair). Mom had to send a picture of what she would like to paint and sent this one of our angel Maestro.


  1. how about a few Coral pictures?
    Can't wait to hear how the retreat goes

  2. That fountain really does look awesome! I'm sending lots of purrs to Coral, and I hope things improve for her soon. Have fun with BzTat and tell her my human says hello!

  3. Oh sweet Coral - sending healing thoughts her way. (You're right about one thing you posted on the CB FB page - deafness is NOT a bad thing ~ Maxwell)

    Thanks for the update on the fountain. Mom takes it apart weekly - she did it again last night - and there was GOOP all over the motor housing - gooey pink growth stuff. She SANITIZES this thing every week, so the goop must be growing out of the water, or our saliva deposits in the fountain - MOL.

    We're sooo hoping the UV light from your fountain will kill that kind of bacteria so the goop isn't there during weekly cleanings! If so, we're BUYING it!

  4. That fountain looks great ! It's good that it's quiet ! Purrs


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