Friday, September 5, 2014

Random Fridays

Thanks for all the purrs for Cass. Mom spoke to the rescue vet yesterday and she had spoken to the specialist. Nothing shows up on x-rays. And since she is walking better than a week ago, mom and the vet agreed to stick with limited activity for now and then reassess once she is done nursing. Since we will never know when something happened or what exactly happened, the best we can do for her is treat the symptoms and get her healthy.

An update....some of you may remember reading one of our Opt to Adopt posts about a senior guy named Ebright. As a reminder, he was living in foster care, was adopted by a lovely older woman, she passed away and her family called the rescue to "get the cat out of the house". Ebright went back into foster care with our friend Miss Beckie. But he wasn't very happy about it. Ebright's greatest joy was living in a house with just HIS person. it turns out, another senior lady called the rescue and...wanted Ebright. No other cat would do. So, Ebright is now in his new home with his new lady sleeping on her couch. She said he is a little grumpy and she wouldn't have him any other way.

dang photobombers
(that's Tommy's tail)

Over last weekend, Junior jumped off the sofa, strolled over and laid down - right there. He is less than a foot from Ivy. Not sure if he was doing it to torment her or just ... whatever (hard to say with that boy). But weirdly, Ivy just sat there. It lasted 2-3 minutes until Junior stood up, stretched and wandered down the hall. Don't get any ideas though - later that evening she was snoozing on the footstool and he was teasing her until she hissed at him.

Mom has been working on the cat tree. So far the carpet is off two of the big posts and two of the platforms. Mom says she is fairly certain whoever put the thing together was paid by the staple....there were like a bazillion. She wrapped sisal rope around the parts of the posts that we like to scratch on. She found donut beds on sale for the platforms. Now she just has to figure out what to do with the platforms. She was considering paint. She doesn't want to put fabric on since she isn't sure how to attach it so that she can get it back off if she needs to. The sides are cardboard though. Plus mom noticed the other day that Coral had gotten used to climbing the high post and using the carpet to climb over the top platform - Coral is now slightly confused.  HAHAHA  Mom just has to remove the last part of the carpet.

And then maybe someday start working on the shelves she wants to put up for us. (yeah right)


  1. You guys have the best mama! MINE said I'd have to do without because he fingers wouldn't know what to do or even get any help from her brain.

  2. We hope Cass continues to improve.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. I'm thinking of re-covering some parts of cat-trees with sisal rope. Is it difficult to keep tight? What do you use to fasten it?

    1. It slips some once it is attached but so long as you keep it pretty tight when winding, it isn't so bad. Helps if you start at the bottom and work up so it is laying on top of the line below (as opposed to starting half way up). I used cable staples to attach it on the inside of the post (to keep them away from cat claws).

    2. The head peep has redone the sisal on our tree lots of times. She uses fence staples at the end to hold it in place, then a hot glue gun to keep the sisal in place. Not too much glue, because you'll probably want to scrape it off after you pull the sisal off for the next refurbishment.

      We're impressed by your progress on your tree!

  4. That is an excellent cat tree makeover. Your Mom is very talented. Mom wanted to do that once but never could figure out how to go about it. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  5. Yay for Ebright finding a new home, and a human who clearly appreciates who he is! There is a very ancient cat tree here that could use a redo... but my human is pretty bad at that type of stuff.

  6. We hope Cass continues to improve. So happy to hear Ebright has a new home. My Jenna is a one person cat. We had someone re-carpet cat towers for the shelter. I haven't seen any of them since they were done. The cats at the shelter are notorious for making any wood a scratching post :-(

  7. Did you use glue with the sisal? That's what we ended up doing. UGH - carpet and staples!! Nasty combo! HA!

  8. I bought new rope to redo our tree, but we have yet to do it.. I can't imagine pulling the carpet off, you are braver than we are.

  9. rockin awesum mews ebright we is happee ya finded yur new home N hapee gotcha day two ewe.... up N dee mand brek fast, lunch, dinner N snax in bed !!

    N heerz hopin everee one haza happee fryday caturday & savoree salmon Sunday ♥♥♥

  10. We are happy to hear that Cass is doing better and that Ebright has a new home...
    Have a great weekend,

    Noodle and crew

  11. HURRAH for Ebright! We wonder how he got that name.

  12. We're very happy for Ebright, and hope that Cass will continue to be okay. Your Mom rocks -- fixing the cat tree? PAWSOME!

  13. Pimp my cat tree ! Your mom did it ! And we're glad Ebright found a home ! Purrs

  14. Hooray for Ebright! AND his new mom..they sound purrfect for each other.

    Mom bean wonders if you used double sided velcro on the platforms, would that work? It would hold the fabric in place but make it easy to remove for washing or replacing. But the velcro would have to be clued down to the platform so it wouldn't be removable.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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