Friday, September 26, 2014

Adopt A Less Adoptable

Every year Petfinder makes an effort to get the word out about those that SOME PEOPLE consider less adoptable. From seniors, to color of their fur (usually black but we think torties get a bad rap too), to physical differences, to FIV or FeLV.

Here is our grandparents' dog Izzo's story:

His previous family brought him into a shelter and just handed him off with no information or anything. He is a nice little dog...but tested heartworm positive. This is a time consuming and expensive thing to treat. Some shelters won't treat for it. Izzo got lucky and the shelter where he ended up put him in foster care and treated him for the heartworms. Once he was ready to go, he came back to the shelter.

As you can see from this picture, there were spots shaved on his back by hips due to the treatments. When our grandma and grandpa got to the shelter, they saw him and fell in love. However, when they went up to the adoption desk to ask about him, there was another couple asking about him. But the lady was asking about the missing patches of hair. As the adoption counselor explained, the lady said she didn't want any dog that had been sick and had missing hair. And thus Izzo came to live with our grandma and grandpa. See, for them, it wasn't about previous illness or hair that will grow back. It was about his sweet disposition and size. His furs have grown back and he is healthy...and will remain that way since they are being responsible and keeping him on preventative medication.

Lesson here: it shouldn't be about should be about saving a life and adding joy to your family.


  1. Your grandma and grandpa were lucky to get Izzo. The other person only wanted a perfect pet but their loss was your grandparents gain.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. So beautifully said! Your Grandma and Grandpa are angels on earth!

  3. Oh he is so cute and we are so glad that the grandparents took him.I bet he is such a nice dog.

  4. bravo N well said guys...

    we iz happee izzo finded his fur reel for evers....yur gram paw & gram maws other peepulz loss...izzo iz one kewl dood...we bet izzo iz thinkin de same thing....eye WIN thiz time....

    dood...ewe knead a blogger page !!

    heerz two a mooneye & mackerull kinda week oh end ♥ everee one

  5. Izzo is a very lucky pup! And good for your Grandma and Grandpa who were willing to see past whatever issues he had before.

  6. You can't say it any better than that! Kudos to your grandparents for adopting sweet Izzy!

  7. Izzo is very lucky to have found your grandparents. I can understand someone having reservations about adopting a pet that has health issue, but some missing fur....that's just foolishness!

  8. Wow, some beans are really silly. We is glad Izzo found his furever home with grandma and grandpa, they are obviously pawsome beans!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Too bad for the other couple who couldn't see past previous sickness.. Seriously, what animal hasn't been sick at least one day in their life??? Good for your grandma and grandpa!

  10. Oh, we're so glad that Izzo was adopted by your grandma and grandpa. It doesn't matter what's on the outside... it doesn't matter if you've been sick. What matters is the heart and the love we can share with each other.

  11. A beautiful post! Izzo is so lucky that your grandparents adopted him, and we are sure they feel lucky to have him too. He sure is a cutie. Thank you for spreading awareness about "less adoptables."


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