Friday, April 18, 2014

Random Friday....

More on the v-e-t report:
Mo got the bad cat report. He wanders around acting all nice when they get here and then WHAM tries to eat people. Mom is afraid one of these days he will actually bite someone so the next visit will require a little more thought. Mom can catch him easy enough. But he is pretty skinny and can turn himself around which makes him hard to hold on to. He actually got a fang almost into the tech this time. His weight is actually up some (which is good - no body fat on that boy). And he isn't due for vaccines for 3 years.... (mom is fairly certain she heard the v-e-t mutter "hallelulah" MOL).

Maestro weighs about the same - which is a very good thing. Still waiting on the report from the v-e-t.

Spud had to be chased around by mom and then unceremoniously shoved in a carrier to wait for the v-e-t to get here. At least he isn't a screamer like Ivy somecat. He got weighed, vaccinated, toenails clipped and his ummm behind shaved (we told him it could have been worse - we hear some of the cats at Katnip Lounge are now nekkid).

We got an update on Saffron. She is adjusting pretty well. Mom knew she was going to be a tough nut to crack.....
seriously - you doubt that face would cause problems?? 

Mom and Saff's mom have been texting back and forth. Saff didn't come out much the first couple of days, but by Monday night she was letting them rub her belly. And as of the other night, she had met the other two cats in the house and checked out their climbing wall and the crinkly tube mom sent with her. She has even been out and snuggled on the couch. Though it does appear that she may end up being a daddy's girl. :)


  1. Good to hear about Saff!!

    And big hugs to Mo, Maestro and Spud! Awwww what a visit from the vet!

    Yes, there be much nekkid-ness over at Katnip Lounge! LOL!

    Happy Easter to all of you! Take care

  2. We are so pleased that Saff has ventured out and is settling well.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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  4. Mo, you is our hero! Them evil v e t beans need to know who is boss!

    Good on Saff, we hope she settles in soon. Purrs for Maestro!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. It took 3 months before Derry would let the human rub his belly--Saffron's doing very well!

    Mo, we're impressed with your vet-killer tendencies. Keep up the good work, next time you have to go.

    Paws crossed for Maestro's results.

    And we wish you all a happy and peaceful Easter weekend!

  6. Good job, Mo (though Mommy doesn't think so)! Those evil vets need to know who's boss when they enter YOUR home. ;)
    Keeping our paws crossed for a good Maestro report.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  7. Like Mo, I am thin and very squirmy. Unlike Mo, I don't bite - I just roll into a ball, hoping that nothing bad happens to me.

  8. That makes us so happy about Saff. :)

    Mo, at this rate, you're gonna get a RED sticker at the vet. Our Angel Maggie had one of those -- sweet as pie at home, but a trip to the v-e-t brought out the tiger in her!

    Happy Easter Weekend to you, dear friends!

  9. Would scruffing help with Mo? Glad to hear Saff is coming around. Jenna took a long time (couple months) before she was comfortable out and about in the apartment. Oddly enough, she was the official greeter in her building at the rescue. Go figure...

  10. What a naughty kitty trying to eat the vet tech. Oops! I'm sure they are used to that though.

  11. Oh dear. Poor Tech.
    Glad about Saffron

  12. We're glad the vet visit went reasonably well. :) And it looks like Saffron is doing alright. Did they keep her name as Saffron?

  13. Oh, no. Mo is going to get a BAD CAT on his chart if he keeps that up.

  14. Poor Mo! All he wanted was a taste, not the whole vet! Hope his results are good!

  15. Oh no Mo, easy dude. That was so great to hear about Saffron, that made us smile!

  16. Eat the vet tech ? What a good idea ! I'll try next Wednesday... We're glad to here about Saffron ! Purrs

  17. We sure hope that Maestro's blood work comes back in good shape. Mo, you had better get your act together. Glad Saffron is somewhat fitting in. Have a great week end.

  18. Hoppy Easter Weekend! Purring fur Maestro's bloodwork and stuff. hey dat photo of him - where hims eye go??? did you know dats I hads a dream dat I losted my head? Mom found it under the red lunar eclipse....-Lil Bear.

    We am glad Jade and all the kittens are doing pawsome too.

    Plz purr fur my cousin Toby. Him just had surgery early this morning to take off 4 vertebrae of hims tail cause it got pinched in a furry bad screen door. Toby am 4 years old.

    Lil Bear
    (youngest kitty at 7 months old.)

  19. Yay for Saffron! It's amazing when you have many kids how they behave with the vet. Hope everyone has settled since the visit! It's always an adventure in our house....


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