Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Mom has been doing the logic problem of who would be here over Christmas and how to deal with that and the pet sitter.....

Well, some of that was solved over the weekend.  And it is all good!!

 First Basil was adopted and went home on Saturday. Mom picked him and Amelia up from Petco on Friday after work as their snot had returned. Miss Beckie called mom on Saturday and said a woman had come up to the adoption center as someone at Petco had said he was up there (not sure why they would have said that, but whatever). The woman wanted to meet Basil, so mom drove him over. It was love and he went home with her that same day. He will be on meds for his snot while he adjusts to being in a new home. He will have a new mom and a big 4 year old cowcat brother named Apollo. In fact, his new mom posted an update on our facebook page - Basil is now Loki and did great at his first vet appointment.  :)

Maverick told Santa last week that he wanted a family for Christmas and his wish came true on Sunday. He is going home with a nice man and his girlfriend. Mav will be their only kitty.

Milano is now up at Petco. She was kind of grumpy with Mav (she moved
up there before he left) so we won't be putting anyone else up there with her
unless Chex gets over his snot sometime soon.

Rosemary and Saffron got to meet Santa on Sunday.
They are (currently) scheduled to be spayed on today.
(but the post goes up before they get there)
Cross your fingers - mom said if one of them sneezes on
a vet tech, she may have to scream.  MOL

Rosie, Saff and Basil on Saturday

So the pet sitter will have the permanent crew plus 4 kittens. Though mom said something about maybe taking Rosemary and Saffron up to the store over the weekend to see if we could get any takers.


  1. I'm glad a couple of the kitties got homes and the others are organized. Things do get complicated around the holidays with foster humans, don't they?

  2. Petsitting arrangements are hard enough for those of us with multiple cats without fosters. We can't imagine how you juggle it, but it looks like it all worked out. We are happy to hear that there are some new forever homes just in time for the holidays!

  3. Yay for adoptions! And double Yay for an adopter who fell in love and took home a snotty kitty with meds! Hoping for more adoptions before Christmas!

  4. Oh hooray for new homes for kitties!

  5. That is terrific that some of the kittens got adopted. Lucky kitties got a new home for Christmas. Hope the other two find a home too. Hope you have a great Christmas.

  6. yay & best fishes on de for evers homes guys N we hope de next ree port frum RF reedz everee one haza new for evers forever home !!!! total awesum ~~~~

  7. That's Chrissymouse spirit : a forever home for two kitties, yay ! You have a pawsome organization ! Purrs

  8. We're purring the neutering goes smoothly for Rosemary and Saffron! Purring the kitties get adopted to their furrever homes in time for Christmas!

  9. Yay for Basil..aka Loki...and Mav! We hope everything goes well with the others, too.

  10. We is so happy to hear the kitties found their furever homes. Good lucks to the little ones who is having the snips today. Remember no running or jumping! MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. We love forever home moments. Seems like everything is falling perfectly into place for the holidays and pet sitter!


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