Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Miss Amelia ended up at the v-e-t yesterday. She just can't seem to shake the snot that she got. She is back on another drug and we are hoping this one works. We can tell she just doesn't feel very good. And we don't think it is very nice that mom is calling her Darth Snot.

  Rosemary contemplates how many toes she has
(a lot - she is a polydactyl or mitten paw)

 prior to his manicure, Basil wants you to know 
he has claws and is not afraid to use them

This is not the first time we have had polydactyl kittens, but Rosemary's white feet make her seriously even more adorable. And Miss Saffron's toes are a little more obvious as she gets bigger.


  1. Purrs to Amelia, we hope she'll be better soon, poor girl.

    Rosemary is over-the-top adorable. She should have NO problem finding a forever home.

  2. We are sending purrs to Amelia and hope she feels better soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Poor Amelia - She's got the snot, but luckily no shot. Perhaps some pot....
    of soup so hot.

  4. WE sure send some purrs to Amelia. Hope she feels better really soon. Also that Rosemary is just too cute. Take care.

  5. amelia....may bee ewe shuld eat a nice bowl full oh trout soup N drink sum toona waterz....sorree ya iz still feelin all heebeez N jeebeez....we hope ya get better by next week spesh a lee coz thurzday iz all ewe can eat pie day !!

  6. Poor Amelia! We hope you are all better real soon.

  7. I love polydactyl kitties!! Have never had one myself, but those extra toes make them extra-extra cute!

  8. Hope Amelia gets better fast. I love polydactyl kitties, I'm lucky that my Leo lets me play with his extra toes, they are too cute.

  9. I hope Miss Amelia is soon feeling better. The kitties are very cute.

  10. Aw, we love all those toesies. Purrs that Amelia feels better soon.


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