Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday....

We want to add our purrs to Ginger Jasper's family as he ran for the Bridge yesterday....

Loved reading some of the comments from Tuesdays post about adoptions. Mom says she will never cease to be amazed by people.....

And along that line:
Luke went home last night. Yep - no sooner did we post about him than mom got an application. Nice retired couple....with no other animals. :)  Luke will be in heaven. They did ask about maybe some day getting another cat and mom talked about VERY SLOW introductions.  Concats Luke!!

And that means that Maverick and Goose will be on there way to Petco starting tonight. Mom talked to the assistant manager and the store is going to clean both top and bottom cages and then move Licorice to the top cage. Hopefully she will get a little more notice....and at the very least she will be able to see something outside other than people's knees. MOL

So, last night was the last night with these guys running around:
 Maverick snoozing with Amelia

 Goose and Ivy

Mav killing the mouses

Amelia is still kinda snotty....once that clears up she will get to go up there as well. It will be interesting to see how she handles being alone. Mom isn't ready to let Saffron and Basil out - maybe over the weekend the three kittens will get to meet.

Speaking of Amelia....did you read the Catster article about ****y faces on cats? Miss Janiss wrote it - she is Sparkle's assistant. We were thrilled when mom and Amelia were asked to be part of the article. 


  1. I am very sad that our dear friend GJ has gone to the Bridge.
    I am glad Luke has got his new home now.

  2. We are so pleased for Luke to get his furever home and we will purr for Maverick and Goose to find their family(s) very soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. That is SO awesome about Luke finding a forever home! We are purring and praying that Maverick and Goose get adopted soon, too. :)

    We are purring for GJ's Mom and Dad. It is so sad that he had to run off to the Bridge...

  4. Awww, such good news about Luke, we hope he settles in and that he has a long and happy life with his humans.

    We know it was GJ's time, but it's still devastating to lose such an icon. Our purrs and purrayers are with Carol and Barrie.

    Thanks for stopping by the Musings blog. I don't think QuietRock comes with a guarantee--the perception of noise reduction would be an individual thing, and in truth, even the smallest sounds that I wouldn't have noticed with previous owners are now huge, HUGE irritants for me. I can't undo my past experiences with them, and really can't be rational about them anymore, either.

    1. we understand - one neighbor (who has since moved) had a dog with separation anxiety and the guy worked nights. we love dogs but man was it annoying.....

  5. That is very nice about Luke. I hope Licorice finds a home. If I didn't have four....

  6. Hooray for you Luke! We sure will miss our friend GJ.

  7. Yay for Luke! We hope Licorice's furrever family picks her up soon.

  8. so cute and they all will find their furever homes

  9. Thank you so much for you loving thoughts on our GJ xx

  10. Yay for Luke! We hope he loves his new home.

  11. That is great news for Luke - and for Maverick and Goose, who get to go to PetCo and shop for humans now!

    My human was excited about including Amelia because if there is any way to slip a rescue mention or adoptable kitty (or both) into an otherwise silly story, she will do it!

  12. This is great! I just love cats, mine are my world! I love you blog

  13. Hooray for Luke, and we all hope Maverick and Goose (and Licorice too!) find their forever homes soon.

    Mom readed us the article on Catster...good work Amelia and mom!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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