Monday, November 25, 2013


For anyone who volunteers or works in animal rescue, returns are the worst. And they can happen in so many forms and for so many reasons. Thankfully with the advent of microchips, rescues can now get contact from other shelters if their animals are taken somewhere else. We don't know of any rescue that doesn't have language in their adoption contracts about bringing the animal back to the rescue if you can't keep them. Not that people are always that responsible.

Most recently our friend Miss Kelly had one of her kittens returned. But Garnet is lucky and will shortly be on her way to her new forever home.  Mom says we are lucky that we have had one return since we started doing adoptions from the Petco store....and Opal was much better off coming back (and was adopted again pretty quickly too).

Returns can be for any reason - and some are better than others. Moving, new baby, new spouse....those make mom nuts. Maestro has crossed MANY state lines with mom over the years. As for a spouse, she doesn't have one of those but tells us that it is "love me love my cats" around here.

But, financial reasons abound in this economy. We are seeing lots of returns as people lose their jobs and their homes and are barely able to take care of themselves.

And sometimes medical issues become an issue....and that is where this story starts.  more on that tomorrow


  1. it is always sad when it doesn't work out, but better they are returned and not left to languish in a situation that doesn't work out..

    Golly those kittens are cute!

  2. We are glad that people know when they adopt from rescue they can take them back ... that is not ideal for anyone but it is best for the cat. What I hate is that people are too embarrassed to bring them back and abandon them. Sometime behavior is hard to explain.

  3. The rescue group with which I volunteer have returns from time to time as well, of course. I don't know which excuse is the worst, though the excuses sometimes don't match the truth. Sometimes, people just won't cope with wetting or pooping issues. I figure if you accept a cat into your life, it's for the good times and bad. It's called a commitment.

    1. We prefer people be honest with us. Help us place them in a new home.....more info helps.

  4. As a family who recently had to make the hearthbreaking decision to return an adopted kitten to a rescue, posts (and comments) like these are instructive and give insight into how the wonderful rescue group we worked with probably feels. Even though we returned Beau with a FeLV/FIV test, new microchip, toys, food, and additional donation, the guilt of returning a cat you planned to have in the family for life weighs heavily.

    We're looking forward to hearing more of the story about the cute kittens in this post.

  5. WE are so glad that the rescues try their best to have the cats returned to the rescue rather than just given away to who knows what kind of home. Those pictures of the kittens are just the best.

  6. While returns aren't good, they are better than the alternative when a cat-human relationship isn't working out. My human just handed in a blog post to about that - not sure when it will run, sometime in the next few weeks.

  7. ewe weee kittehz iz bee yond awesum !!! N we sended ya sum late wishes maestro...see bee low...noe like mor bee low... ina nother post bee low !~~

  8. Oh poor little kitties. You are making me want a kitten again even though I have sworn off of them

  9. I'm just glad the kitties get returned to a proper place rather than just abandoned. But it's still a very sad situation. Take care

  10. Returns make us sad too...but we guess it's better than having the cats in a bad place with some human who really doesn't want them.

  11. Sometimes it is for the best. I was returned, well, they rescue came and took me bad and it turned out just right.

  12. The kittens are cute, although we were all adopted/rescued as grown cats. good to hear Maestro is doing well!


  13. It's better they get returned then abandoned. If I never got returned, no cat should.


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