Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random Thursday

OK, normally we do random Fridays....but we have something else going on tomorrow.  :)

Thanks for the purrs for Amelia. She still sounds kinda yucky.....but the vet said she should start improving after a couple of days. Mom caught her actually sneezing the other day - after being SO stuffed up, that is improvement.....

Remember us telling you about our friend Miss DeLynn and the kitten she is fostering?
She-Ra and her protector Jack
Well, Best Friends has a guardian angel program where special animals are featured. One of those cats is a boy named Piazza. Well is seems before She-ra went to live in foster care, she spent some time charming Piazza. And when she went in for a check up she got to see him again - and the picture of her is adorable.

Mom has been slacking, so we decided to pin her down and make her tell you about some of the contests we participated in and won something:

Tails from the Foster Kittens had one (like way back this fall) where we won a box from Pet Flow. It had some treats and food and cat grass (get on that mom) and toy. What fun (though to be honest, the kittens that got the food didn't seem all that interested.

Then we won this book in a contest on Sparkle's blog. We are still waiting for mom to read it to us and show us the pictures. That Simon guy is pretty funny.

We won this one from Hilary - Lucy's mom on Feeling Beachie. Mom said she is going to use it with the foster kitts. Though it says size large....not sure which kitten she thinks that is going to fit on. But so long as she has no plans to use it on US its all good.  MOL

THANKS to all of you....we love getting stuff in the mail.


  1. Wow, you've been winning all sorts of cool stuff! That was so cute about She-Ra and Piazza!

  2. What great prizes!!! Awwww the pic of Piazza and She-Ra is sooooooooooooo cute and super sweet my gums are melting! LOL! take care

  3. WOW! You sure do get some great mail!!!


  4. We love the Simon's Cat books too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Winning is much fun! Congratulations

  6. Congrats on all those wins. That is great. Glad that Amelia is feeling better. Have a great week end.

  7. it bee like Christmas guys !! toys N treets N grass...all de good stuff....N mor best fishes out ta amelia for continmewed gettin better kinda dayz...N yea guys...yur mom reeeeely kneads ta reed simons book two everee one !!

  8. Look at you being all lucky and getten' stuff.. what fuN!!

  9. My goodness, the goodies are all so cool and you are on a roll winning, hooray!


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