Friday, November 1, 2013

Random Fridays.....

Mom has changed the meds for the kitten-snot and is also now treating Mozart. But she is kind of worried about him....poor boy may end up at the v-e-t. He just isn't acting like himself and we can tell he isn't feeling good.

The new kittens - Basil and Saffron are doing great. They have been dewormed a couple of times but are eating like champs. Mom says they are going to get a b-a-t-h once they are in the clear and no longer have the runs. Heaven knows what they were exposed to before being rescued. But heavens are they sweet.  :)




Mom is gearing up for a BIG football game on Saturday. Our Spartans play the evil wolverines. We are wondering if they make earplugs for cats.

And since you can never have too much cute:
Amelia (dust bunny) and Maverick


  1. I'm certain Basil is pronounced with the long a like the spice, but I'm calling him Basil with the short a like an old time British movie star.

    Pretty sure Miss Max will spend Saturday afternoon in hiding once she hears the amount of noise I make on a Spartan football afternoon. I actually had a new client want to schedule a meeting at 4. It's at 10 am. Not taking a client call during Michigan State-Michigan. That would be nuts.

    1. are they not from Michigan? set an appointment during the game... I don't think so. :) And yeah - Basil like the spice - but he may answer to the other pronunciation - so long as you don't call him late for dinner. haha

  2. I hope Mozart feels better and won't have to go to the veterinary. Have a good and restful weekend.

  3. Here's hoping Mozart feels better very soon. And you are right you can never get enough kitten goodness.

  4. Purrs to Mr. Mozart. They sure are such a cute bunch!

  5. We sure send many purrs to Mozart that he feels all better really soon. Take care and hope your team wins.

  6. Purring and purring for Mozart!
    It's good that Basil and Saffron have been dewormed. At least now we know the food is feeding them and not the worms. ;)

  7. de wee kittehz iz lookin total lee way awesum kewl...N best oh fishes ta ya small well as be blessings frum R pal Frank....we hope ya get ta feelin better sew ya due knot hafta go two de ewe noe wear place....
    heerz two a grate week oh end everee one; eat plentee oh pie !

  8. I am sending purrs Mozart's way - I hope he feels better soon!

  9. Aw, we love seeing those cute kitten faces. We're purring for Mozart and hope he is better soon.

    And the mom says...GO GREEN!

  10. We is purring for Mozart, we hopes he feels better furry soon!

    The babies are just so cute....lots of squeeing over the pictures from the mom, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. purrs that everyone is feeling right as rain soon..

  12. Those little ones are as cute as cute can be! Hope everyone is completely better as soon as possible.


  13. Those babies sure are cute! We're purring and praying for Mozart.

    Hey, we saw the Spartans won yesterday. Yay for you!


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