Monday, October 28, 2013

that wasn't the plan....

Since we don't actually get many adoptions while the kittens are hanging out here, mom decided to take Oliver up to Petco on Saturday morning.

Luke was up there by himself and acting all needy since his brother Linus was adopted. We aren't sure why Luke is still up there - he is super sweet and outgoing.

Now, we know.....we always recommend slow introductions. Separate space, lots of time. So, do as we say, not as we do. Mom put Oliver in with Luke. And Luke wasn't very happy about it.....there was some name calling but it didn't go beyond that.

However, mom got a text on Sunday morning. Luke was VERY NOT HAPPY with Oliver being in the same cage. So, Oliver is back here with us again..... so much for that plan.  We think Luke would be fine in a house with other animals, but obviously need a much slower introduction with more space. MOL


  1. Maybe Luke is just not very happy in general at having been left behind so far, and that's how it manifested itself. All paws crossed that he is adopted soon.

    The Chans

  2. Ooops. :)
    We do hope Luke is adopted soon.

  3. Introductions among cats are as individual as the cats themselves. Luke obviously likes to get to know potential friends from a distance first.

  4. Awwww we hope Luke finds a family soon! Take care

  5. Poor little guy. I hope he finds a home

  6. We kitties are very discerning about our friendships! That's why we like to go slowly with the introductions.

  7. Silly humans! we cats need to do things on our own time.

    Not that OUR Mommy pays any attention to that particular rule.

  8. fishes two ya buddy....N we noe what cha meen but havin a mate tho....gram paw dude dinna like em either !!

  9. Probably too close quarters for these two. We're sure Luke will do fine if it's taken slower. :)

  10. Quick introductions probably work better when both parties have a little more breathing room than a habitat at Petco.

    1. yep - sometimes it works and sometimes...not so much. :)

  11. Well, at least you tried. And now you know! I sure hope Luke's forever people find him soon.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. Hey, sometimes they just know that it is better to be shown alone..

  13. Poor Luke. That must have been some shock to be up close and personal with Oliver so quickly. We sure hope and pray that they both find forever homes soon!


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