Monday, August 12, 2013

weekend wrapup....

Well, if you follow us on Facebook, you have seen this guy:

Yep, mom offered to "baby" sit for the weekend. The little guy doesn't have a name, but mom thinks she may try to christen him Logan (after the Wolverine). If you look close at the second picture, you can see his back legs. One foot is a little crooked, but the other back leg is pretty curled in toward his body. The person who brought him to the rescue saw his mom carry one kitten away. Another kitten (with deformities also) had been killed by something. And then this little guy. We have the woman keeping an eye out for mom and the other kitten. In the meantime, he is eating very well and is a joy. Mom has enjoyed having him here. Oh, and that other kitty she got a Blog Paws as part of a microchip demonstration.  Mom calls him Floyd (if you are old enough, think about it and feel free to laugh....for the rest of you, mom just sighs).

Our boy Screech was adopted on Saturday. The family has a 13 year old daughter and a 3 year old Bichon. We wish him well and know the girl will spoil him rotten.

Recognize these kittens:

What about now:
Yep - that is Nasa and Orbit.  :)  They are finally up for adoption at the shelter. Nasa (now known as Hubble as they got the names backwards) took a while to grow the fur back after being so sick. But the change to Orbit shocked mom.

Miller went back to Petco on Sunday. He is in the top cages with Busch. Stella moved downstairs with Sorcha. And while mom sat there for the adoption event....  NO ONE was happy about it.  MOL  Busch hissed at Miller, Miller growled at Busch. Sorcha and Stella spent some time calling each other names as well. But, by the time mom left for the day, everyone had settled down.


  1. OMC, little Logan is like a little gray cotton ball. So cute!

  2. Ditto, tiny Logan is so precious. We're keeping our paws crossed that woman can get the mom and other kitten.

    Yay for Screech! :-)

  3. Replies
    1. pfft - Mom enjoys it, don't let her tell you otherwise :)

  4. These pictures are just so adorable - thank you for sharing and thus, making me smile.

  5. What pretty kittens - we hope they will get loving homes very soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Our mom was doing lots of SQUEEEEEEing over these pix!
    Play bows,

  7. What a little doll Logan is. Best wishes for finding the mum and her other kitten.

  8. We just came from looking at those adorable babies at Connie's and then now we see Logan. Mommy says they bring back memories of Tutu when she first got here.
    Purring the lady is able to capture Logan's Mom and furbling.

  9. What an adorable kitten Logan is. All the others are certainly growing up but still as cute as can be. Hope some kitties were adopted at the event. Mom had an LOL moment when she read the part about Stella and Sorcha calling each other names. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. small dood logan...we haz said thiz a bazillion timez but will say it reeeeely loud for ewe N yur mom N yur sister/brother///de blessings oh st francis two ewe N best fishes two ewe screech in yur new for evers home XOXO !!

  11. Oh that Logan is just too cute. We hope those legs of yours start straightening out soon. And sure hope that you find a great home really soon. Love that little meow.

  12. what a teeny widdle skweech! adorable.

    AND--Happy Blogaversary!!

  13. OMC. So adorable! And yes, we understood the Floyd reference perfectly. :)

    Happy Blogoversary!

    1. thank was beginning to think no one got it MOL

  14. Sweeties, all of them! Sending purrs that Logan's mom and sibling are found and helped too. You're an angel! Purrs...

  15. Aw, Logan is so cute! We bet it was fun having him around the house. :)

  16. OMG, Logan is teeny tiny. I'd forgotten they made them that small! I hope he does well, and his mom and sibling are found healthy.

    Glad to hear Screech and Sorcha were adopted. Orbit looks like he has some growing to fit into his body!

    I'm sure of a certain age, that I should get the Floyd reference but all I can think of is Pink Floyd 'dark side of the moon'...and that doesn't seem to fit. So you stumped me!

    Enjoy the baby!

  17. lol@floyd..

    Purrs for Logan that he turns into a big handsome mancat

  18. Logan is such a GREAT name. We have never seen it before.

  19. That bottle baby is far too cute! Logan is a great name for him! Someone that tiny needs a tough name!


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