Monday, June 24, 2013

weekend update....

The BarkPark event on Saturday was a huge hit. We aren't sure how much the rescue got yet, but we were surprised by how many people showed up....cause it was HOT here. Mom had to leave by 1pm and it was just about 90 degrees....and no breeze. And of course, she got no pictures.....sigh   :)

Then mom did a transport run for OBR. Gracie made it up from Kentucky to hook with with Timmy who came north a couple of weeks ago. They were both headed to foster homes in Canada. While we don't know much, we know they were found together, are about 7-8 years old, no one was spayed/neutered (yeah- we suspect they were used as a breeding pair) and both had very bad entropian (when their eyelids turn in).

There was high hopes for the reunion....which was uneventful. MOL  Neither dog seemed too interesting in seeing the other after 2 weeks apart. Timmy got right in the car - and then had to be shoved over to make room for Gracie. And then Timmy shoved Gracie into the corner of the backseat and sat on her. :)  We are glad they are rescued and safe and headed to very nice foster homes - and hopefully forever homes very soon.

yep - two dogs in the Beetle

guess she is more comfy than the car seat


Timmy foster home posted a video of him that cracks mom up. You can see it here

Thanks for the comments yesterday here and on facebook. Mom came home and Stella came up and curled on mom's chest and helped some. Mom says the worst part is that if people were more responsible, foster families and rescues wouldn't have to make these terrible decisions and have their hearts broken. Mom thinks that Gemini may have been an orphan kitten that got slipped into this litter by the other shelter...we will never know but she was always so much tinier than everyone else.

The remaining kittens all seem to be doing better - though there are 3 that are going to get a bath. They are eating some dry but mostly canned. She is also stopping the antibiotic thinking that it isn't helping their systems either. The snotty noses and everything with the calici is clearing up and they are 8 days out from their first dose, so mom isn't worried about that part. But....they are a mess. Mom wants nothing more than to give them space to run and play and spend time snuggling them. Mom is a little frustrated and sad. But, those kittens seem pretty happy to see her when she goes in there. They do all seem to be doing ok.

We think that Gemini was just so tiny that we couldn't get enough weight on her to keep her healthy and going when a bump in their health happens. Not that any of that means that mom isn't playing "what if?" in her mind......


  1. Mom did what she could and as I said yesterday as least little Gemini had love before she ran.

    Those bloodhounds make me laugh

  2. we iz knot a loud ta play on line on de week oh ends N just heered bout gemini...we bee trooly sorree; we noe itz heart breaking.. noe matter if a kitteh bee with ewe two days.... two months... ore 20 yeerz....its all ways ruff....pleez noe ewe did yur veree best N gemini wuz N all ways will be loved; N thatz de greatest gift oh all, one her will carry with her for like for eer....God's speed gemini; stop by N see dude N sauce; they will bee veree happee ta look out for ya....


  3. That video of Timmy made me laugh too.
    It looks like Timmy did miss Gracie and chose to show it in the way he did. :) So funny.

  4. I am glad the other kitties are doing better and those woofies hitched a darn good ride!

  5. No 'What ifs." You did everything you possibly could. I'm glad the others are doing okay.

  6. WE so agree, that Gemini, had lots of love before he had to leave us. I have always wondered if feral kitties just don't get any nutrition if the Moms are not getting fed. Big hugs to you Jeanne. We know how hard it is to lose a little kitten. Take care.

  7. My heart breaks for you. Enjoy the snuggles and purrs of the kittens (after their bath). I'm certain they appreciate the love and attention you give them.

    Good to hear they are doing better. Hope Timmy and Gracie find their forever homes soon!

  8. We're sorry about Gemini. But your mom did everything she could. Purrs for the other kitties and hope they continue to do well.

  9. Thanks for helping Timmy and Gracie on their journey to second chances and wonderful forever homes! You are amazing to continue doing all you do when you know that sometimes your heart is going to be crushed. For all of those who amazing new lives because of you...the WDA sends you blessings.


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