Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend update....

It was a wild weekend.....

Saturday morning mom woke up to the space kittens not feeling very well. Aurora was VERY stuffed up and Orbit was wobbly. But everyone was eating so mom decided to keep an eye on them. There is no staff at the shelter on weekends (it is all volunteer those two days) and mom figured the kittens were better here for the weekend. By Sunday night, Orbit, Corona and Aurora were all feeling bad. So they were dropped off at the shelter this morning to see the vet and get some care. Aurora has ulcers on her tongue, so mom is pretty sure they have calici. Which means the rest may have it as well, but they are all doing ok so mom chose to keep them here. Good chance they will end up on antibiotics just in case though. Purrs are appreciated....

Mom drove a kitty transport on Saturday. An adult and four kittens were pulled from a shelter in Kentucky and were headed to rescue in Rhode Island.  Imagine Home is on facebook and has transports that kind of run all over....


And our big news:
Triscuit went home!!!
She will have a new mom and dad and a big sister (a 2 year old calico girl). Tricuit came back here Friday night so we got to spend the weekend with her.  Congrats on the new family baby.


  1. Ahh, we will miss that Triscuit but that does sound like a good home and she will have a friend. That is good.
    That is too bad about the kittens. Hope the antibiotics knocks it out of there. Keep us updated. They are so cute.

  2. Purrs for the space kittens, we hope they'll be okay. We know how dangerous calici can be.

    Yay for Triscuit! We hope she has a wonderful life in her forever home!

  3. Hooray for Triscuit!

    Calici....yuck! I hope the kittens can kick it. They are in good hands with you. And a transport! I really admire all that you do to help cats. It's really a blessing for them and for people that you do all that you do!

  4. How nice for Triscuit! I hope the little ones feel better

  5. Hopefully we will get some updates on Triscuit!

  6. Oh noes!! Purrs and hugs to the sweet space kitties!! Awwwww - hope they all make a full recovery!!

    Yay for Triscuit!! Take care

  7. MASSIVE purrs & head boinks for the Space Kitties! We love the name!


  8. Paws UP for Triscuit! Although my human is wishing a little that she had brought her home from BlogPaws (I am SO glad she did not!). Purrs are on the way for the Space kittens.

  9. Purrs to the little space kitties, we hope all is well soon. Super hooray for Triscuit, she is indeed a special one!!!

  10. Oh boy, sick kittens does not sound good! But yay for Triscuit!

  11. best fishes N de blessings oh st francis two all de space kittehs...ewe knead purrz N we got plentee ta spare....

    triscuit...we trooly hope ewe loves yur new forevers home N wish ewe de veree best....

    high paws N headbonks...ouch...ta yur mom tim ....~~~~~~


  12. Congratulations Triscuit.

    purrs to the space cadets.. I mean kitties.. :)

  13. @Tails from the Foster Kittens: space cadet would be the mom MOL

  14. Oh Triscuit! We hope you'll be so happy in your new home!

    We hope the kittens will be okay...we're purring for them.

  15. Purrs for the space kittens, we hopes efurryone feels better furry soon.

    Great news about Triscuit, but we'll miss her too. We hopes she is furry happy in her new home.

    Your mom is pawsome for all the work she does to get woofies and kitties to where they needs to be!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. Hurrah for Triscuit. And good luck to the other kittens.

  17. YAY Triscuit!!!
    She's a lucky, happy, sweetie-girl!!!

  18. We're purring for the babies! Hopefully they'll feel better very soon.
    And a big HOORAY for Triscuit! Have a great life with your forever family! :)

  19. Concatulations to Triscuit. Hope her new pawrents will keep you posted periodically. We are really going to miss her. We are so sorry about the kittens. Mom didn't know what calci was and had to look it up. Sounds like it is curable…thank COD. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  20. Hooray for Triscuit! She stole our mom's heart at BlogPaws.


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