Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thankful Thursday

We know some of you have seen this and even posted about it....but we wanted to add our two cents.

As we all know, FIP is an evil cat disease....with no cure. Now the Morris Animal Foundation and Cornell's Feline Health Center think they may be getting close to finding the genetics behind it that may lead to a test and treatment.

But here is what most of you don't know.....we had our own scary run in with FIP.

Ivy came to us as a foster with her mom and her sisters. Everyone was adopted and Ivy became a permanent member of our crew. At about 6 months old Ivy developed a hernia at her spay site and the humane society (where mom's was volunteering at the time and where Ivy had been adopted from) agreed to fix it. THAT is a whole other story....for giggles (and to embarass Ivy), we will tell it another time.

However, shortly after Ivy had her surgery, mom got an email from the family that adopted one of her sisters (Iris). It seems over Easter weekend of that year, Iris got very sick....and then she crossed the Bridge. Her family was very upset and concerned and asked their vet to run some tests to see what had happened. The vet came back and said he was fairly sure Iris died from FIP. 

Mom assured them that she was VERY upset and VERY concerned and so VERY sorry. She contact the humane society and the assistant manager and the vet both contacted the family to answer their questions. The mom emailed our mom later (the first email was from the dad) and expressed her thanks for the input and the help and that she hoped mom wasn't upset by her husband....that he was just sad about the kitten. And we certainly understand that.

As for Ivy, the good part about her hernia surgery was this....the vet got a good look at Ivy's insides (say it with us "ewwwww") and assured mom that Ivy had no symptoms of FIP.

So....we couldn't be happier that vets are headed in the right direction to end this.

To celebrate, an Ivy movie:

**we know there is a break in the action about half way - but hang on...there is an appearance by Miller and then check out the size of the tail on the princess  MOL!!!


  1. OMC! Look at the size of that puffy tail on Ivy! MOL!

  2. Too cute, everyone looks fluffed. Ivy that tail is hysterical. Hope all of you have a great day.Sad story about that kitten.

  3. FIP is terrible. We are sad to hear about Iris.

  4. I love the fat tail in Ivy's video! FIP is such a horrible disease... you never know who is it going to strike, or why. I'm glad that answers are being worked on.

  5. de best oh fishes ta de morris foundation & cornell that they DUE finds de link ta de nastee azz FIP....

    N ivy, yur mewvie rocks...we gived it 25 paws up and 28 poofed out tails

    13 seconds ta 20 seconds is way kewl :)

  6. Ivy I am so glad you are well and mom and I loved the movie. xxoo

  7. As we have said previously, "The tail tells the tale." As we find out more about FIP, we are glad that possible treatment and a cure may well be in the future for kitties who contract this terrible disease. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  8. I had not heard that about FIP! Yay! I hope they find a cure RIGHT AWAY!
    Love the video, poofy kittens are too cute!

  9. Mom didn't know what FIP was either, so she googled it and read it to us. What a horrible disease! We is furry happy Ivy didn't catch it from her sisfur.

    Funny video! Miller must have scared Ivy, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  10. We purr that they are close to finding a cure for FIP.

  11. We can all only purr for the day when the cause an cure fer FIP is found. An we are grateful that Beins are searchin, cuz they got diseases of their own to solve...

  12. We sure did the happy dance last Sunday night when we learned about the FIP announcement!!


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