Friday, June 28, 2013

Random Fridays....

Random Friday this week is interrupted for some other news and mom is having a minor ranting moment....

As you all know, we lost Gemini this past Sunday.

Mom noticed on the shelter website on Tuesday morning that Rapunzel, their momma, was off the website - which normally means the cat has been adopted. So mom emailed the cat advocate asking if Rapunzel was adopted and when they next wanted to see the kittens.

Mom got an email back: Rapunzel wasn't adopted. Everything was fine Monday morning but when the advocate when back to check on everyone in the early afternoon, Rapunzel was curled up on a chair and had passed away. Not a mark on her and nothing around that would give any indication what happened. The shelter is running some tests, but as of right now, we have no idea what happened.
Run free beautiful girl

In the email, she said they wanted to see all the kittens back on Thursday when the vet was at the shelter to see what might be going on. Mom got a call from the shelter director Thursday afternoon. Aurora (one of the tabby girls) was pretty sick (the vet said pneumonia and a collapsed lung though heaven knows she was acting ok Thursday morning) and they euthanized her. Rocket (our black and white boy) and Sputnik (the black male) are being hospitalized overnight to get some supportive care. Rocket has been a hot mess and Sputnik was eating off and on and had the runs this morning.... The hope is to be able to get them back tomorrow. Please be thinking of all of them.
 Hubble, Orbit, Sputnik, Corona, Nasa, Rocket and Aurora

And mom - she has a case of the sads and the angries (see below).

Mom here with a rant. I will admit up front, in an effort of full disclosure, that the shelter director is NOT my favorite person. She comes across a little false to me and I have had more than one run in with her where she "claims" someone has said things about me but can never back them up - but I am the one that gets the black mark.

In her conversation with me about the kittens (and at least she called me this the story goes, she was supposed to contact me on Monday about Rapunzel and never did ), she mentioned that she only talks to me when it is bad news. This would partly be because I really don't have much to do with her and she isn't around during volunteer shifts anyhow. On top of the fact that I don't call for every stupid little thing with fosters as I know some families do. I can deal with the weird.

But then she said the following: "you seem to have some bad luck and maybe we can sit down sometime and go over some procedures and cleaning steps so this doesn't keep happening."

EXCUSE ME????  This is MY freakin' fault?????

She doesn't know about my fostering for the rescue....there is some animosity between the groups (don't get me started) and it just isn't worth the drama. But.....I don't have these problems with their kittens. Don't get me wrong, not every kitten that goes through here is a miracle healthy-no-issues kitten (though it does happen - the beer kittens were great). That is the nature of rescue - take in strays and ferals and everything else and you aren't going to get perfect litters of kittens.

But to make it sound like somehow I am doing something wrong.....oh hell no. I didn't say anything, but give me a break. No - the three messiest kittens didn't get a bath before going over this morning. Screw that though.....  I honestly think I am done fostering for this group - I don't know if forever, but certainly for now. Let her take it however she wants to - I really don't care. I know they are short foster families. I know they don't have many that will take momma cats with tiny kittens. And I know they don't have many that will take sick or snotty kittens. But to throw this back at me????  Unfair..... very unfair.

As for the logical questions: why would they give them back to me then? cause they are short handed and need the help. why would I take them back? because despite how I may feel about the people, I love those kittens and want to see them better and ready to head to their forever homes.


  1. Oh, gees.... :-(

    First, I'm so sorry about Rapunzel and Aurora, and have fingers/paws crossed for the others.

    As for the politics of shelters and fostering....I can't speak to that, not being a foster mom, but I do know how disillusioned I was, some years back, to realize that it ALL comes down to petty egos, "power" and politics, even in animal rescue groups.

    I'm sorry, this hasn't ANYTHING to do with you, and this person can go stick it up her a&& if she thinks it does.

    I personally think you're an AMAZING caretaker, just by what I've seen via your blog.

    Sending you hugs...the boys send purrs.

  2. I will tell you what! Fuzzy Tales said it just the way I would have except she did it better and without the anger I would have expressed regarding that unfair statement made to you. You give your all for these babies, I can see that! I hope things get better, I wish there was a change of attitude and I am terribly saddened about Rapunzel and Aurora.

  3. I'm sorry to read your director is causing such stress. Best to leave this poison behind until it runs out and dries up! You certainly don't need this infection.

    You and the volunteers and all the amazing fosters and above all the animals deserve better.

    Take care

  4. I always say that people have their "arenas of power" and no matter how absurd some people use this supposed power to rule whatever dynasty they think they have and make life a living hell for everyone around them

    No thought to the destruction they leave in their wake - just as long as they are always right, always in charge always obeyed.

    I learned to walk away from the type a long time ago. Ain't no changing them and they aren't worth the stress.

  5. Patty is so right and I so agree with her and I think a lot of rescue people are like that. Just interested in the power, and that woman KNOWS perfectly well what a good job you do with the kittens and cats. I am so sorry all this is coming down on you. That is just plain stupid. That woman is probably jealous of you for doing such a good job and not asking advice from her.
    I am so sorry about the Momma kitty. It all sounds really weird to me to be honest. It sounds like the disease is coming right from that particular rescue.
    Try to have a good week end.

  6. We're sorry you are being hounded by this shelter director - she sounds a hard hearted person with no compassion who probably is not the best person to do this type of work.
    She's all mouth and no brain.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. I will say it again. THAT PLACE IS EVIL. DISGUSTING and filled with the will to kill. They need to all pack up and go to the NYCACC where they would feel right at home.

  8. I am purring lots for the kittens to make it. As for this woman - well, I guess it takes all personalities... I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

  9. I'm so sorry for the kitties who went to the Rainbow Bridge, and I am purring for the others to be healthy, happy and adoptable. I don't blame you for being upset with the shelter director -- she seems to be in denial and looking to blame someone. Totally unfair to dump that on you and say that it's your fault the cats are sick.

  10. The saddest part of animal welfare are some of the really destructive people who are in it...and the lack of respect people have for one another. It's never ok to say stuff like that to a foster parent and I am sorry it's happened to you. Glad you keep fostering...there are many great places that need you!

  11. You are amazing Jeanne, try not to let her get you down!!! So sorry about lovely Rapunzel, we are praying for Aurora and the rest of the babies.

  12. WE are so sorry that Gemeni, Aurora and Rapunzel all went to the Bridge. WE are purring and praying for the other babies, that they will be okay.

    As for that shelter director, she needs to get a new job, because she is obviously hard, uncaring and plain mean.

    You are a wonderful caretaker, Jeanne. How dare she try to tell you otherwise.


  13. tims mom....furst off de blessings oh st francis ta de rest oh de space kittens they all get a kleen bill oh health, God's speed two rapunzel & aurora; they bee reunited with gemini..

    az for de... purrson... runnin de shelter...insert werds heer ya see N heer on de streetz that start with ...well pick a letter.....

    purrhaps a call ta de spca ore humane society that over seez this shelter iz in order; the city government even...

    tell yur mom her never has done any thing wrong...cept CARE for and look after de fosters....which iz a veree hard thing ta due; emotionally & fianancially...

    most peepull canna foster for theeze reezons...R mom couldna foster coz she wood never wanna give de kittehs back up for adoption... then her wood be like on tee vee for trooly havin 90 bazillion cats in de houz...

    obvious lee yur mom doez KNOT haz bad luck coz oh de rescue group success...don't let de shelter...purrson...?.....

    "rent space in yur momz head" az we like ta say....

    coz like her herself said, in de end, it's knot about that shelter ladee, its bout de kittehs them

    hope everee one can haza grate week oh end !!

  14. First of all, hugs! I'm so sorry for the losses, what tragedies. Purring that the rest of the kittens are ok.
    Seriously, that shelter lady should understand that when you're willing to take sick kitties, you're going to lose more than people who only take healthy ones! hello, you have to be stupid not to expect that! And you have to be pretty darn amazing to take the sickies in the first place and should be praised, not picked on! So hugs again because you're a brave, wonderful woman who does what needs to be done to help the kitties!

  15. Ah that sucks. Sorry for all of it!!

  16. They are short of foster homes for a reason.

    I totally understand sticking out with the set that you have, but since you have other options it might not be a bad idea to take a break from this one for a while - if not until that particular person finds a new job.. because you know unless she actually owns the rescue she will most likely be asked to move on at some point.

  17. Oh that's just wrong. We've sadly seen similar and it just makes us soooo mad. And then you're caught between rock & hard place - helping the cats or putting up with CRAP.

    We feel for you!!

  18. If they keep giving you cats to take care of, then obviously they are liars and hypocrites. They need someone to blame because if they can't find anyone, they'll be blamed themselves, and that won't do. Just continue what you do; people know your worth.

  19. We are so sorry to hear about Aurora and Rupunzel. They are running at the Bridge now with Gemini.

    And we are so sorry that you have to deal with that crazy shelter director. And it's sad that they may lose such a great foster person...but we totally understand your position.

  20. We're so sorry about the space kittehs and Rapunzel. Purrrrring that rest of the crew recovers and thrives.

    As for that shelter director, we're with the rest of the comments. Wave bye-bye to her, and work with the rescue or some other group. You can go back to that shelter once that director leaves.

  21. Oh, I am so sorry about the kitties.

    As far as rescue politics go, I am consistently and completely amazed by the egos that come into play. There are personalities who aren't in this for the animals... they're in it for the ego boost, the "look at what a good person I am" validation. There's a reason that I'm currently between rescues and "freelancing" my Mayweather kittens for a friend. Some people can't be reasoned with, can't be kindhearted or the "bigger" person, can't put the needs of the animals ahead of their need to feel superior. And while I just spelled out my situation, it seems that I touched on yours too. I threw down and walked away. Sounds like it's time for you to do the same. There are plenty of groups to affiliate yourself with, ones who will appreciate you and your efforts. If this place isn't one of them, forget them.

  22. We are sending strong White Dog healing energies to the kittens and are so sorry about the momma and baby lost.

    One thing that constantly amazes our momma is how those who sometimes are in charge let it go to their heads and lose sight of the reason they are there...the precious animals.

    You have been a godsend to so many furbabies. Nurtured, socialized, nursed, and saved lives. That woman was WAY out of line to even suggest what she did. You are a blessing and an unsung hero with a caring compassionate heart...and THAT is why you will take them back...and THAT is why we love you!

  23. I'm so sorry about Rapunzel and Aurora.
    We'll be keeping everyone else in our purrayers and purring that they'll be back with you to get big and healthy so that they can be adopted out.
    As for the shelter director, I do feel it is rather unfair of her to have said what she did. Some people aren't meant to sit in a position of power.

  24. I can't say it better than Kea at Fuzzy Tales. Thinking of you and the kittens.

  25. We are really sorry to hear about Rapunzel and Aurora, and will say a pray for everycat else!
    That shelter person would make my mom's head explode!
    Play bows,

  26. That director sounds very irresponsible and all about shifting blame. We hope you can avoid her and find someway to foster their kittens, as they need you. Mom says she would be too heart broken, however, to be asked to take in unwell kittens, lose them despite your best efforts and then be called out. We know you will continue to do a marvelous job for all the kittens and adults you foster. Mom and all of us think you are an angel. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  27. I'm late to the party as usual, but I just have to say - I agree with what all the previous commenters said, and I'm furious on your behalf!

  28. I hope the kitties feel better really soon. One of my biggest pet peeves is when rescue groups can't get along, the whole idea is to help the animals not to bad mouth each other . And that judgemental attitude to try to put the blame on you for the kittens getting sick , wrong! Sometimes rescue kitties get sick, that's the way it is. Thank you for doing the important job of fostering.

  29. That's ridiculous - I'd say get the hell away from this group but then I think of what will they do without you?
    I am so, so saddened to hear about Rapunzel. This sounds very strange to me and the poor little babies. It's crazy for them to think it's somehow YOUR fault?!? I also this it's ridiculous that they didn't notify you of Rapunzel's passing and took you reaching out to them. I'm filled with sadness along with you... I hope these little kittens can pull through too.


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