Friday, May 10, 2013

Random Fridays.....

BREAKING NEWS: All the kittens made weight, so by 5pm today (eastern), Triscuit, Samoa, Dorito and Frito will be spayed/neutered and microchipped!! Dorito will go home with his new mom after that.  YEAH!

Brian posted this great article about Hero Moms and the Petco adoption weekend coming up. We will be at our local store on Sunday.  Hey - that is Mom's Day!!!  If you know anyone in central Ohio looking for a nice kitty, we have a pair of mom (retired - MOL) that are looking for homes. Come meet Cookie and Legacy and the kitts.

Here is another thing we found: Ohio State has started the Indoor Pet Initiative website. Now, being MSU Spartan fans, we aren't so sure about those Buckeyes, but we can get behind pets being indoors. 
They have sections for pet owners and vets.

TNR - sorta....  MOL.  Mom got home from the shelter Tuesday night and that big brown tabby boy came out of the garage again. Mom figured this might be the ideal time to catch him. So, she set the trap, baited it and went upstairs. She then heard some cat singing - and looked out the window to see him sitting in the driveway calling. went down thinking someone was in the trap already - nope. So, she went to bed and then Wednesday morning ran down to check (remember our condo is over the garage). Trap door was down. She lifted the blanket - yep that is a cat shape (this is important as she has caught some non-cats in that trap before).  Lifted the blanket higher - and got the look of death from Allie. Drat!!!

And of course....kitten pictures:
That may be Nasa giving the camera "the look"

Oh man - the mom is in trouble AGAIN: she forgotted Junior's birthday!!!  We will make sure he gets extra treats. We would invite you over to party, but he will just hide.  :)


  1. But...but...Triscuit's too tiny to be spayed and then adopted. (Our human is half-seriously whining about this. LOL.)

    Good luck to them all!

    And happy birthday to Junior!

  2. Happy Birthday to Junior. We sure hope that Triscuit get a fantastic home. How could anyone not love that cute little thing.
    Sorry you didn't catch the correct cat. That would what would happen to me. Have a great week end.

  3. Poor Allie....
    All those little kittens are just too cute!

  4. Happy Birthday Junior!

    cats of wildcat woods

  5. MOL, poor Allie! She's not gonna get fooled by that cage again.. I hope!
    Yay for Dorito going home after surgery!
    Happy Birthday Junior!

  6. You gotta stay alert, Allie. You never know what those beans are up to.

    Purrrrss that the snack kitties all get great furrrrever homes soonest.

  7. I love the idea of Indoor Pet Initiative. I hope Triscuit and the rest get good homes. Very exciting for Dorito! :)

    Happy Birthday, Junior!

  8. Happy Birthday Junior! We hopes you enjoy your treats.

    Those kitties are just a pile of cuteness, MOL.

    We is purring all the kitties find their furever homes.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. The kittens are adorable! Happy belated Birthday, Junior!!


  10. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Junior!!!


    Those kittens are all so cute! Thanks for the meow-out too!

  11. "Made Weight". That sounds weird, but we get it. May they all find happy new homes.


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