Friday, May 3, 2013

Random Fridays.....

Speaking of Triscuit, mom got this video while taking the pictures from yesterday....

Mom was smiling at the comments about Tommy on Wednesday. What you should probably all know is that "kitten-sitter" is Tim's job. "Kitten-enforcer" is Tommy's job - which he promptly performed after mom got that shot by biting Samoa's ear and walking away. MOL

Oh and NO Triscuit is NOT staying...if Da Bourb didn't stay, no one else is either.

Alley Cat Allies took their petition to the Smithsonian this week with over 55,000 signatures asking them to STOP using junk science to support killing community cats. They have also started a new website called common sense for cats.  You guys know us - we support TNR....and we love our Allie cat  :)

Quick questions:
    1. Samoa is a biter. And mom means the "walks up and bites her toes for no good reason" biter. She has tried the things she normally tries and he hasn't given up just yet.  Ideas???
    2. Is it wrong that mom keeps going out to facebook and putting in Cheeto's dad's name to see if he put up new pictures of Cheeto?  Just sayin'.

Photo: Triscuit being fostered for Colony Cats (& dogs) seeing if she weighs 2 pounds yet  Mom took the available kitts to Petco to meet a woman with an application (she has decided to become Dorito's new mom). While up there, mom used the "un"scientific method and put them on the treat scale. Everyone is VERY close to 2 pounds (Dorito appears to be over). And the a certain tiny girl curled up and took a snooze.  :)

We will leave you with a puzzle to think about over the weekend:
     What is gray and black and white and brown and orange and has 9 heads?

Have a GREAT weekend!!! It is supposed to be in the 70s here so we are planning some serious window wiffin!!


  1. ::Sigh:: It's almost cruel to post that video and picture of Triscuit.

    Did I already ::SIGH:: (with longing)?

    Puzzle...What puzzle? I'm too distracted by that sweet baby girl to even focus on the rest of your post. LOL.

  2. Triscuit says that the scale just fits her so a nap was going to happen. We are not good at puzzles. Nine heads??
    Hope all of you have a good week end too. Take care.

  3. I am in LOVE with Triscuit's belly. Are we going to have a big ol box of Triscuit at Blogpaws?? *hopeful look*

    1) Biting toes.. put hot sauce on them?
    2) no

    puzzle: your next set of fosters?

  4. Oh, Triscuit is so adorable! That shot in the treat scale is too cute! I love these names! Enjoy the whiffs and I like Tails from the Foster Kittens answer to your riddle. Sorry cant help with the biting. Hopefully someone will have good advice. I know that doesn't help make a kitty "adoptable". There's a kitty at my vet who's great in every way but bites and one person that adopted him brought him back. He will most likely have a permanent home as an office kitty, which is actually really good life.

  5. I don't do puzzles.
    Put tonic water on your toes. Quinine tastes awful...

  6. triscuit...yur mewvie iz price less

    samoa...stop oh theeze days ewe iz gonna encounterz a shoe

    answer ta de puzzle

    de kittehz at de random felines houz !!

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end !

  7. Goodness. Triscuit is super adorable especially that little belly of hers!

  8. Thanks for the Triscuit smiles! You must have a new crew coming!

  9. THANK YOU for letting me know about Alley Cat Allies' new website! I will have to spread the word.

  10. What a sweet little round tummy!!

    9 heads? 9 Kitties?

  11. OMC! The mom is squee'ing over that Triscuit video!

  12. Quick Question #1 answers: 1, Toe Armor! 2, Spray Bottle!

  13. Thanks for supporting TNR :) feral cats need love too. Alley Cat Allies is the best! Triscuit=Cute

  14. You are so awesome to foster. I have a 2 yr old male that could not be adopted because he never stopped. He was rescued as a kitten from a hoarder. What helped some for his personality was when he bites I would hiss or make a high pitched EEEK sound...startled kitty so I could redirect attention by tossing a toy. I kept toys in my pockets. Hope the biting fades.

  15. Sweet girl Triscuit, Mom says there is no bad shot with that girl in it.

    No ideas about biting cuz Saku still does it sometimes. Not hard enough to break the mom's skin, just enough to get her attention.

    That puzzle is hard. Maybe it's a picture of the kitties of Random Felines asking for treats?

    Hope yous all had a great weekend!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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