Monday, April 8, 2013

weekend wrapup....

Another weekend, another transport.

Mom signed up to help move another bloodhound to foster home. But she got a call late Friday asking if she could help with a quick run earlier on Saturday to pick up a Cane Corso from the vet to meet with the first leg of her run to her new adoptive home.

Sugar made it home on Saturday and we wish her and her new dad a happy forever!!!

Later that morning, it was time to meet Copper.

Good heavens he was a sweet boy. Mom loves the shot of his head on the passenger seat sniffing the breeze from the open window. :)  He is 2 years old, 95 pounds, super sweet, a little drooly and available for adoption.

Later that night, mom went to a fundraiser for the rescue and got to hear from Cathy Unruh and Lucy Miracle.  Mom hasn't read the book yet, but can't wait too.....

Mom's friend Krista went with to the fundraiser and then came up to meet us and the kittens. Krista's lab Chelsie crossed the Bridge on Monday so she just need a chance to see the fun up here and talk.


  1. Big hugs to Krista!

    Awww these woofies are adorable! What gorgeous doggies!! yay for such a fabulous transporting weekend! Take care

  2. We are all sorry for your mom's friend.

    Glad the the one doggie has a new home. I'm sure the other one will soon.

  3. Transporters and rescue workers are totally pawsome!

  4. Purring Copper is adopted soon! He's almost Mommy's weight. MOL!

  5. best fishes two ewe sugar N cooper N way awesum oh yur mom tim N tom N crew... for helpin them ta get TWO ther forevers home !!! high paws N headbonks...ouch...

  6. Sorry about your friend's dog. Good for her to come see you.
    That Blood hound is cute. Do you put towels down for all the drool. Good job helping with the transport. Have a great afternoon.

  7. What a grand transport weekend! I am very sorry to hear about dear Chelsie.

  8. We love that your mom helped those woofies get to their forever homes.


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