Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Fridays.....

Mom saw the most AWESOME video posted on the bloodhound rescue facebook page. Some of you may remember the transport mom did last July. Two bloodhounds had been bought (and we don't advocate that but a local group was getting video and evidence about puppy mills) from a mill and were being rescued. Mom offered to pick them up from the local group and transport them to the local foster here in Ohio. The rescue let her name them and she picked Edison and Marie. They were so scared. Both moved to long term foster in Canada and then were adopted. Well.....Edison's family adopted another bloodhound named Pearl. And they are playing and love each other and mom got all choked up.

Tim is usually a big hit with kittens. He tolerates a whole lot more than everyone else around here. Mom calls him Uncle Tim.  Good thing - we will let him distract them. :)
Triscuit was having a good time. Until she got distracted by a piece of carpet off the cat tree (mom says that tree sheds worse than Maestro). And no, mom didn't let her eat it.

We found a new campaign we want to share with you. One Picture Saves is trying to get people to help get pictures of pets in shelters and make sure you get the "happy" shot.

It is so very true..... which animal would you prefer? The one in the corner of a cage looking terrified or the cute picture of the smiling pet?

The shelter where mom volunteers is VERY lucky to have a professional photographer that volunteers his time to come in. Seriously.....check out this picture of mom's favorite boy there right now named Dragon
  How do you resist that face?????

And one last thing:  Mom and the kittens will be at the Pet Expo this weekend here in Ohio. If you are nearby, come visit!!! 

da snarky kittens say - come visit - you know you want to...


  1. Oh how I wish I could come visit those snarky kittens. As it is, I fear that I will need to schedule time to breathe this weekend.

    Kisses to Uncle Tim and Dragon too (What an amazingly handsome gentleman!)

  2. Goodness, you two kittens know how to get people to take you home. Just look at those faces. The bloodhounds sure do look happy and have tons of fun.
    It really is so important to have good pictures of the animals in the shelters. Dragon, you sure are handsome.
    Have a great day.

  3. I love how kittens can find anything fun. LOL. Well, even my older boys can too. :-)

    Dragon has a sweet face, definitely irresistible. A lot of the pics I see are taken through cage doors and that does nothing. So yes, good photographs are crucial. But I admit that I'm drawn to the scared/timid or depressed ones, feel the tug to save them.

  4. Momma said she wish she can adopt those two cute kitties. I'll then have siblings. That'll be nice!

  5. YAY! for awesome video!

    YAY! For Uncle Tim!

    YAY for snarky kittens.. they are the best.

    Have fun at the Expo!

  6. I have been prodding my human to get involved in this photo thing. If she can take decent photos of us, she can do it with shelter cats.

  7. Those bloodhounds look pretty happy!
    Tim sure deserves to be called Uncle Tim. What a great guy!

  8. Those doggies look so happy!
    Uncle Tim, not so sure, but at least he lets the kitten play whether he gets into it or not, MOL!
    Oh my gosh! I'm terrible at remember which baby is which, but that grey baby! The look on his face! "I'm gonna give you this goofy look until you pick me up and kiss me!"

  9. all of these babies, Dragon too are irresistable. xxxooo

  10. Those kittens are so cute...we wish we lived closer. The mom would love to cuddle them.


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