Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Transport....

Mom had been asked to pick up this lovely girl early Saturday morning and get her on her way to a foster home. Rihanna hasn't had it easy. She has dog reactivity issues and her first foster home wasn't as careful as they should have been and also didn't work with her like they promised. She was then adopted and her family didn't work with her either - and returned her when she snapped at their son - after the son bit her ear!!!

Anyhow, she had been boarded with a vet. After some work, the rescue found an experienced foster home with no other dogs (which is SO hard to do) and was ready to move her.

Mom showed up at 8am at the vet's office (which is about 45 minutes from our house - so mom got an early start). The head of the rescue had told mom about Ri's issues and mom has dog experience so she wasn't too worried. Plus, mom had driven Ri when her adopters returned her, so they had met. :)

Anyhow, completely unexpectedly, the vet turned to mom and sandblasted her: "the rescue wouldn't listen to her concerns about the dog, don't touch her face or collar or feet or harness or ears, she is VERY dog aggressive".....on and on. The way they brought her out of the clinic, you would think they were moving a wild animal.

Ri got in the car and mom got on the move - just to get away from the hateful vet. Ri barked at a pedestrian and mom said "NO - quiet!" and Ri sat down and was quiet. Mom called the rescue lady and they talked. Seems the vet was saying one thing to mom that she hadn't said to the rescue. The rescue lady did say that at one point the vet said she had concerns about Ri's behavior. The rescue lady said if it was that bad, then they may need to euthanize the dog. The vet refused..... to our minds, if the vet refuses to do anything and then treats the dog like it is evil, she gets what she gives.

Anyhow, mom was talking to the rescue lady....and missed her exit. :) So, after a much longer drive and getting some much needed directions, Ri was handed off and by the end of the afternoon was in her foster home. We wish her well.....and know she is in good hands now!!!

Mom says she knows some animals can be "broken" and not fixed. But she firmly believes you get back what you put in.....if you treat any animal with respect and kindness, you will get that back. If you treat an animal like it is evil and harmful and broken, that is what you will get back. Add to that a dog with dog issues in a boarding situation surrounded all day long by dogs making her crazy.....  We guess all we can say is we are so VERY glad she Ri is out of that situation.


  1. Poor Rihanna. We're sending purrs that she'll get the care and attention and training she needs.

  2. I'm going to hope the vet was having a bad day. Otherwise I wonder about the soundness of their career move.

    Thank goodness that Rihanna is out of her last couple bumpy situations. She's in good hands now.

  3. Awwww we wish beautiful Rihanna all the best - she's in safe experienced hands now hopefully and we know she'll flourish! Take care

  4. What on person says about an animal is early carved in stone. My Renn bit a foster-parent while she was trying to trim his bum fur. He does indeed dislike being touched in that area, but I've done it without mishap. I pay attention to his warning signs, and he pays attention to me saying that everything is all right. Well, he sort of pays attention. But he's been with me for years now and he's my loveable big boy.

  5. Some animals are hard to adopt but very few are unadoptable!

    Pee ess: Tell your mommy not to talk on the cellphone when driving. We want her and her charges to arrive safely :)

  6. I will be that sweetie will be okay as soon as she discovers some love.

  7. I hope she does get some loving care. That vet sounds like he/she needs a new career choice

  8. Aww, poor doggie!
    Um.. getting bit on the ear is a perfectly reasonable reason to snap.. and to her credit, she didn't bite back! Good doggie!
    We're glad she's in a good place now too!

  9. Ri, de blessings oh St Francis two ewe....we bee trooly sorree ya haz had ta go thru all this bull N caca


  10. We purr that Ri will be okay in her foster home. She sure deserves love and happiness.

  11. Purrz, woofs and prayers that Ri finds her way into very loving hands=^Y^=

  12. Your Mom is very wise and understands the most important thing in ANY relationship...gentleness, belief, and love brings out the best! We just hope Ri's new foster family...and her future forever people give the chance and kindness she needs.

  13. Poor misunderstood thing! We hope her foster family can bring her around - she deserves another chance!
    Thanks, Mom-o-the-kitcats!!!!
    Play bows,

  14. It kinda sounds to us like that vet doesn't like dogs (animals?) very much. Good luck to Rihanna. We hope she gets some love and care in her foster home.

  15. Let's hope Ri has a bright future with someone who understands and can rehab her. Irresponsible pet owners are irresponsible in all areas of their lives (that what Teri says) and it's the animals or the kids that suffer...


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