Friday, February 8, 2013

Random Fridays.....

To all our friends in the northeast US - PLEASE stay safe and warm in the coming storm!!

Faraday, Maxwell and Allie mentioned on the post about the new playpen for the kittens that it might be useful for other animals in case of emergency. Mom hadn't even thought about that. Not that she thinks shoving all of us in one of those would work, but it is a good idea. This is the one she bought for the kittens.


 Mom has read on several blogs (she would give you credit if she could remember them all (love and hisses is one) - darned mom is getting old) about using auto windshield shades as self warming cat beds. She liked the idea for Allie and her boyfriend. It has been SO cold here recently - it has been in the 20s F all week during the day and colder at night. Mom found a cheap one the other day and dismantled it and cut it into pieces to put in the carriers in the garage. It was big enough to cut up another piece to have was hoping Maestro would use it as he is old. Nope.....

Mo "the hot man cat" was caught sleeping on it. Mom snuck up and him and bent back the blanket from Miss Connie so you could see the reflective thingie. Although considering he weighs less than everyone else here except Maestro, guess we can't blame him too much. :)

We have seen several comments asking us about baby jail. We do love it, but it isn't fool proof. And it sure isn't adult cat proof. Mom bought ours here. But keep in mind that the walls are only about 29 inches tall (according to the website - mom has never measured). The bars are about half of that - once kittens get to a certain height, they can get over by climbing.....see the paws on the middle rail:

(the Gs from November 2011)

So it works for little kittens, but even Maestro (the old man cat) can jump it. OK....Ivy can't but she and gravity have a love-hate relationship.  MOL

Tim saw Dr. Tom for a checkup on Tuesday. Tim is on one week more of antibiotics. All of his stitches haven't fallen out yet, but it looks good in there. Plus he is back to eating dry food. AND..... no fights for a couple of weeks. Mom has found some serious scabs on both Tim and Tom, so those fights were a little worse than mom thought (though Tommy's ripped out toenail appears to be slowly growing back). Glad that is over with - it gets everyone here worked up.....


Comment from yesterday about Emma and the baths:
"I have been there, too! Ask your vet about a "dip" that you apply at home and leave on. It's miconozole. Vet labels as to how much medicine to mix with water and you wet kitten with dip and leave on to dry. No smell like the lyme stuff and far more effective. I used a cloth wet with the dip to wipe over head/face area so as not to get in eyes or ears. The same miconozole comes in towelettes (handy-wipes)."
The shampoo is miconozole - and weirdly she smells like mint toothpaste.  But we didn't know it came in towelettes.....gonna have to look into that.  THANKS


  1. I got the idea from Robyn's blog too and used it for my Michigan cats. Mama and her babies love hanging out on the bed made with the car shade. Actually the only one who doesn't is Simba, and he has enough extra padding to keep him warm ;)

    Norman took the longest to accept the bed. I actually slipped it inside of a thicker fleece blanket so he didn't notice the "slippery" feel underneath.

  2. Oh I might get some of those auto wind sheild shades for my outside kitties. I bet they would like that. So glad to hear that Tim is so much better. Guess he was just grumpy from a sore mouth.
    Take care and have a great week end.

  3. We're so glad to have the update on Tim! Hope he continues to heal!
    Cool idea about the car shade!
    Play bows,

  4. we dunno if this wood help any but we had a friend in kentucky who helped ferals N strays N her used styofoam coolers az beddin shelters then wood put stuff inside for de kittehs ...hope everee one haza grate week oh end !!!! onlee one mor week oh nastee medisin tim, hang in there dood :)

  5. Glad Tim is doing better!


  6. That's great news about Tim! We never heard about using those shades to keep the kitties warm...but then again, it's so hot here, we are always looking for ways to stay cool.

  7. Lots of great ideas here. Good news on Tim.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Thank you for the tips and baby jail link. We thinks this is just the ticket for Maxx who has a gravity love/hate thing too. We'll call it Maxx jail because he'd hate the term baby jail. Purrs from your friends at

  9. Thank you for the good wishes! It's bad out there today with this blizzard, and we sure are glad we made it home safely.

    What a great idea to use the sun shades for warmth. We will have to try that!

    We're glad Tim is doing better. :)

  10. That baby gate photo is priceless!!

    Good to hear about Tim doing better.

  11. We'er SO glad Tim's doing well. Maxie just got back from his dental and is pretty woozy but has all his remaining e\teeth still intact. At some point the back 4 molars will have to go (over 1/3 of the roots are exposed) but it'll wait another 6 months. Whew...

  12. Glad Tim is doing better, and that the fights have stopped! (hope I read that right?)
    Bet the out door kitties love their new beds!


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