Monday, January 14, 2013

wet toothpaste.....

Mom had mentioned before that Nurdle needed a bath. We don't know what he had been into before he got here, but holy smokes he didn't smell so great.

So, Nurdle got a, there is no pictures of the event or video - mom is the only person here and you need two hands to bathe a squirmy kitt.

lady, you are just rude

I got my lasers on you foster-mom-lady....
it is gonna take me forever to get all my furs dry

He was pretty good for the whole thing. Whiny but didn't put up a fight. It took him a little bit to get all his furs back into place - and Judy walked around him sniffing him.  Problem solved.....

Mom has discovered a new thing about Nurdle....he has NO sense of personal space. He wants to be up close and personal with mom!!  At least he is little, cute and purrs (loudly).  :)

He seems to be having a great time being at Petco with Judy and Maxine. And strangely (at least to us), Judy has had a LOT of attention but Nurdle not nearly as much. We aren't sure why - mom and the staff at the store sure seem to be enamored with the little guy.

Tim is seeing Dr. Tom the v-e-t dentist today. We will give you a full report tomorrow


  1. Awww.... what a sweetie he is.
    We sure hope a new forever family comes along and falls in love. We're already in love just from those sweet photos!
    : ) Glogirly & Katie

  2. Oh how dear he is. Someone will be a lucky mama when they adopt him. xxxooo

    Tim, I am waiting to hear how you are, Honey.

  3. I'll bet he smells fresh and clean now, though he probably thought there was nothing wrong with the way he was before. He does look a little annoyed, but he'll get over it once his fur dries. What a cutie.

  4. fishes ta ya buddy on yur chek up...N rememburr, de blessing oh st francis ta ewe....

    N nurdle...grate laser show dood !!

  5. Purrs coming to Tim. Hope they can help him. Do keep us updated.
    I am surprised that people are not going nuts over Nurdle. He is just too cute.
    Do let us know about Tim.

  6. Oh my goodness, a bath...with REAL water?!?!

  7. Nurdle is a doll! Tim, we hope all goes well with Dr. Tom.Thanks for the birthday wishes for are old Mama everyone :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. He's fall-off-your-chair adorable. :-)

    Purrs from the boys for Tim!

  9. That Nurdle is a cutie...if I was closer I might be in trouble

  10. Nurdle is just saving all his special charms for that special charm-able forever family. We'll just hope it smells better. Purrs for forever homes from your friends at

  11. Awww sweet beautiful and ever so floofed up Nurdle! Awww what a cutie!!

    Sending Tim lots of purrs and hugs! Take care

  12. Why are wet kittens so dang cute?? MOL, what a sweetie!
    that personal space thing, so funny when they're tiny! I had a calico I got as a kitten and she was like a burr, clinging all the time, couldn't sleep unless she was tucked up under my chin! Adorable when she was itsy bitsy, but she grew into the fattest cat I've ever had and she STILL wanted to sleep under my chin! Erk!

  13. Nurdle is just so adorable. Especially his little moustache!
    We'll be purring for Tim!

  14. Once Nurdle gets over the hurdle he will be loved by someone I'm sure :)


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