Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Fridays......

Mom found a new website: Micro Chip Lookup  It is a universal lookup site where you can enter any chip number and it will give you the company information so you can contact them for owner information. Tell your rescues about this.....

There is an auction being schedule to help Sallie the Romance Puppy.

If anyone has anything, they can email a picture of the item, a short description and a suggested started bid to Marg.

We have good adoption news......Judy went home on Monday with her new moms. They have two dogs (ages 12 and 6) and are going to give her all the time to adjust. And Nurdle went home on Wednesday night with a very nice young couple.

Judy's new mom called our mom on Wednesday night. Judy's new name is Smudge and she is doing very well. She has had one meeting with the dogs - not so bad - she gave them the halloween cat routine but the dogs were on leashes so she was fine. They are going to work with everyone more over the weekend but are committed to making it work. YEAH - we love those kind of adopters. :)

 Judy and Nurdle.....just awwwww

Gin and Maxine at Petco - Max is still looking for her home

Mom gets emails from Tucker (former known as Whiskey) about how he is doing. And she had asked mom a few times about Gin. Mom emailed her earlier in the week to let her know that Gin had been adopted.....and she sent us this picture of Tucker (apparently that bed used to belong to his big brother):

Allie the momma cat (before her release)
Mom here: I have a story to share from the other morning. Let me start out by saying this - I love my Dad. He doesn't always "get" what I am doing with rescue, but I love him.

He and my mom are trying to buy a piece of property and I am faxing the documents back and forth for them. Dad called Wednesday night and said he had one more thing and he would bring it over Thursday morning. He called when he was close and since I was ready to leave for work, I headed down to the garage. My normal routine is to open the door into the garage, yell good morning to Allie (our feral momma cat to the alcohol kittens) and then open the garage door (then feed her and leave). When the door went up, she was sitting in the middle of the driveway - which is pretty typical. I tied my shoes and told her she needed to move since Dad was coming.

She back up to the sidewalk when he pulled his truck around. We spoke for a couple of minutes and then I stuck my head around the front of the truck to be sure where Allie was before he drove off. I told him it was ok to go cause the feral I care for was sitting on the sidewalk. Dad looked out the window of the truck at her, looked back and me and said "I thought it was a cat."

ummmmmm, yeah. Without laughing (though I couldn't get the grin off my face), I explained that cat is her species and feral is her temperment and that across the drive was as close as we got but that I care for her. And then of course there was the obligatory "dad lecture" about making sure not to leave the garage door open too far.


  1. Whiskey has grown! Wonderful news about Judy and Nurdle's adoptions. We'll purr for Maxine to get her forever home soon!
    Mommy laughed about obligatory "dad lecture". She gets a lot of that too!

  2. So happy to hear about the adoptions. Dads are always Dads no matter how old you get.

  3. best fishes two ewe both judy N nurdle on yur mew forever homes !!! conga rats and YAY !!!!! way happee for ewe both...and LOL ta yur mom bout her dad:)

    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end; long live flounder!

  4. Paws up for the adoptions! That is something I always love to hear!

  5. Hooray for Judy Smudge and thanks fir the Chip Lookup Info!

  6. Yay for adoptions! Adoptions is the best! :)

  7. We are happy to hear about the adoptions!

    Loved yer talk with Dad...

  8. MOL! "I thought it was a cat" - too cute!


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