Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday....

Today we are thankful for:

 Treats!!!  We got an email from asking if we wanted to try some treats from Canidae or Felidae. We of course chose the felidae treats - cause we is felines. :)

Mom got mugged when she opened the box....

Ivy wanting her own - over here please

Mom has to be careful about how many treats she puts out. Someone (*cough*Tim*cough*) eats too many and then yaks them back up. What a waste of perfectly good treats.

The treats were chewy and...gasp - bone shaped. MOL  Not that this slowed us down any.
Tommy is convinced that biting that hand that feeds you is OK

Mom tested them on all of us plus Cleo and Bourb and Shine. So....that is 10 cats total. We have to give it 7 cats up. Moonshine, Junior and Mozart didn't seem too interested, but everyone else was ALL OVER THEM!!!!

Of course, the box and the invoice were a big hit too.... MOL

Thanks to They just asked for our opinion for trying the treats. No money changed hands and they didn't influence our opinions.


  1. The Farm cats will be showcasing these treats too!

  2. Nom! Tommy eats his treats just like Suey does :)

  3. That was one fantastic bunch of goodies you got!

  4. No matter what is inside, Mr. Chewy has the best boxes!

  5. Kitty swarm! That 3rd picture is too funny.
    Sounds like a pretty good review!

  6. LOL.. I too like the swarm.. We had treat night last night too.. Didn't even make the kitties dress up for it.

  7. Those must be mighty good treats. 7 out of ten is a good score. Some of us don't do treats all the time either. Hope all of you have a super day.

  8. We hadz to laff at Tommy. NOMMING the hand that feeds U? MOL!

  9. LOL!! The swarm of cats is hysterical!!!!! Thanks for the laugh today :)


  10. Yes, excellent score! And thanks for this review (photo is hilarious!)

  11. Austin is the same with treats as he is with nip!! Needs rationing! Mr Chewy has come up trumps there!

  12. MMMMMMMMM treats! I wonder how many dogs would like them. Lee and Phod

  13. It must be so wonderful to be treat testers. We wish someone would ask us!!!

    The Chans

  14. Those look great!!! I love the pic of Tommy! Chow down, buddy!
    Play bows,


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