Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Update, then Wordless Wednesday

So, mom got a call last night from the shelter about Luke and Duke. Luke is still acting fine. Duke has shown no syptoms and seems to be ok - except he is hissing and being angry with staff. They want to keep them through Thursday to keep an eye on them. Mom has made sure there is no icky poisonous stuff in our house so we know he didn't eat anything (unless a bug got in that we didn't sees). Mom spoke to one of the shelter staff later yesterday. They aren't sure about what is going on but then had some concerns about Duke's attitude - seems he was hissing and growling at staff. Mom checked on them both last night and left a note - he acted fine with her but was still pretty wobbly.

Mom left a message for Grace's family earlier yesterday and heard back from them last night. Grace's temp (she is now named Maddy) is coming down and she is eating well. Mom said to call her no matter what.

Best we can do is keep our paws crossed......

On on a cuter (and healthier) front:

the boys


love that girl's wild hair


  1. We is crossin our paws and sayin purrs fur efurrybody. xoxo

  2. Continued purrs and paws crossed.

    Oh, those babies...Aren't they just the sweetest little ones ever? Of course, our human would say that about EVERY kitten!

  3. Does Duke usually hiss at strangers? Perhaps it's just the anxiety of being at the shelter. The poor fellow.

  4. We just love the "wild" hair!!. We hope the hising stops - Lucy sometimes hisses but it is when she has been startled.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. We sure hope that Duke gets all better and soon. We sure do send some mighty big purrs to him.We will cross our paws for him too
    Those kittens look so cute. I bet it won't be hard to find them homes. Again, you are terrific to take on that whole family. Take care.

  6. I hope Duke gets better and I wonder why he is growling and hissing. Is he possibly in pain, I wonder?

  7. Well, a lot of kitties hiss and spit in the beginning and just need some time to settle down. Stinky was like that at first and now she is very sweet. I think it was because she had been abused

  8. We sure hope everycat is going to be OK!!! What's up with the growling and stuff? Maybe Duke doesn't like being at the vet's?
    Those kittens are TOTALLY adorable!!!
    Play bows,

  9. My goodness, look at all that cute! Purrs to little Duke, we hope the hissy goes bye soon.

  10. Maybe it has something to do with him still being wobbly...? He feels "off" and is hissing?

  11. Maybe Duke is acting out because he is nervous being at the shelter?
    We're keeping our paws crossed for Duke, Luke and Maddy!
    And those babies are simply adorable!

  12. Oh my godness.... I love these little babies!

  13. Purring that everyone gets better fast!
    Oh my gosh those kittens are too cute!

  14. Glad everything is going better. Those kittens sure are cute!

  15. we are purrring and purring for the best! hugs and kisses xxoo

  16. We are purring and praying for LUke, Duke and Maddy.

    Those kittens are ADORABLE!

  17. Purrs, purrs, purrs.

    Sorry, we gotta go pick Mom up from the floor...she fell over from squealing over the babies MOL!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

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