Monday, October 8, 2012

transport day

So mom left early on Saturday for another all day affair. We will let her take it from here.....

Thanks guys. The transport coordinator from OBR offered to help Chrystal and I get the kitties here. However, there were just no offers.... Well, the family had to be moved and turns out OBR (Ontario Bloodhound Rescue) was trying to pull 2 dogs from a county humane society in Indiana.

I swear, I am going to start a petition to change Indiana's state motto to "Land of Orange Barrels". The speed limit may be 70, but it doesn't help when there is one lane of traffic and construction zones at 45mph. sigh......

However, Chrystal and I managed to find a halfway spot and dispite our apparent inability to comprehend the time zone changes, managed to show up with 5 minutes of each other. :)  Mom and kitts were tranferred to the Beetle and I headed back east into Indiana. I am leaving out names, but the small country humane society that had the bloodhounds was just....sad. And yet they gave OBR a hard time and it took over a month for them to agree to release the dogs. Both seriously need a bath (OMG - my car still smells bad), neither are spayed/neutered, both have entropian (their eyelashes curl into their eyes and iritate the cornea), the female has a tumor on her side and the male has lots of nasty skin tags. And yet they were super sweet and eager to meet new people - and travel so well in the car.

Of course, both of them had to sniff the carrier in the front seat, but mom cat hissed at them and they backed off. I do love the looks I get traveling with these dogs..... it cracks me up.

Anyhow, got them dropped off with the temp foster and then came home to set up mom and kitts.
Mom cat isn't too sure about all the commotion outside the bathroom door, so she is hissing everytime I come inside. But she is outgoing and lovey and taking great care of the kitts.


  1. Well Kten, you know where they are and she's got plenty up for adoption ;)

    Honestly Jeanne, this is just amazing.. great big huge karma pats on the back..

  2. Gees, Jeanne, that video, and those tiny baby mews, just about did me in. I don't know how you manage not to be a cat hoarder. LOL.

  3. Oh my.... what a cute baby kittens!

  4. Those poor dogs, I hope they find their forever homes soon where they will be cared for as they should.

    And the babies, oh my, they are so sweet. Are there four of them? I was trying count the wiggly pile, and though there was an extra tail.

    Mom is beautiful too - but looks so young. I hope she finds a good home too.

    Good luck!

  5. Oh my stars!! Mum and her kitties - spitting image of mum! Awwwwww!!!

    yay for human mum too for helping these gorgeous hounds!! Take care

  6. As if the Mama cat isn't cute enough -- look at those little kittens!!!! They are so cute! I love the one with her mouth wide open in the still shot!
    Lovely Bloodhounds - YEA, RESCUE!!!
    Play bows,

  7. Well Done! We have been following this adventure from both ends. SAnd the poor bloodhounds were all you needed on top of the little kitty family!

  8. Yay, Jeanne,well done. You are just the best to take those kittens and Mom. They are too cute.
    That is sad about the Bloodhounds. Glad they are going to new homes.
    Thanks so much for doing that for the kittens. Take care.

  9. Adorable! Looks like there are at least 2 girls in the litter? Can't wait for more updates on them!
    We're so glad those bloodhounds are out of that sad shelter and things will just get better from now on. Thanks for transporting them to the start of a better life! :)

  10. Love that happy transport and those adorable kittens!!!

  11. Aw, poor doggies! Glad they're on their way to better now..

    I love those kittens! They are so cute! and their mommy is so lovely!

    You and Chrystal deserve a long nap after your long day! Hope you got one..

  12. Jeanne, thanks for letting us know how the transport went, and how all the animals transported are doing. We are glad the bloodhounds are in a better place now, and that mom and kittens are with you!

    THANK YOU and Chrystal for all ou are doing. We send you much love!

  13. The kittens are so adorable...

    I am in love.....

  14. Good for you to do such a thing to help those animals. Well done!


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