Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally Friday

Mom says it has been a long week. We say she only worked 4 days so what is she complaining about. :)

Sally is at the v-e-t today getting her ladygardenectomy. Please be thinking about her. (yep - she now FINALLY weighs 2.6 pounds)


Thanks for all the well wishes and helpin' us with the house trashin'. Mom should be busy most of the weekend cleanin' up. MOL
The boys from the Army of Four mentioned yesterday that it is strange that it took mom 4 months to decide to keep Tim and Tom. Yeah - she is kinda slow like that. MOL

Our pictures in the Turbo Track event at up over at Max the quilt cat hosted by Bugsy and Knuckles. And in the Boxing event over at Sasha's.

Mom was reading an article on Catster about favorites. Now, she claims she doesn't HAVE a favorite, but we suspect she isn't being very truthful. And we know that some foster monsters get her more than others.

In the house now, it would have to be Doc, Bourbon and Whiskey. Whiskey is just always looking for attention from mom (who would guess his mommy is feral?) and loves to be loved on. Bourbon loves attention as well but his leg issues and his refusal to give up make mom smile.  And then there is Doc. As mom says, that boy is just..... special. MOL

Yeah - he appears to be partly gray. That was new when mom got home. She thinks he may have been playing in the fireplace ashes. sigh....

Moonshine (gray), Bourbon on the stand and Cognac on the tree

yes, that is the TOP of the cat tree

The alcohol kittens are out and about and having fun. Mom still only lets them out under supervision - unless someone (cough*Tim*cough) moves the gate and they get free. They have discovered the cat tree and everyone climbs like mad - even Bourbon!!


  1. Ah, our human's kitten fix for the day. :-)

    Lots of purrs for Sally's spay and recovery!

  2. Purrs and hugs to Sally!! Take care

  3. hey, sometimes working four days instead of five actually does mean more work!!

    So when are we going to get a post all about Bourbon?

  4. They must run and hop and cause all manner of mayhems

  5. Kittens, kittens everywhere!!!! It must be so much fun at your house :-) Yes I have a soft spot for Doc too!!!

    I laughed at the "snot" comment you left me because just about every part of me had been snotted on by every cat I own - LOL!!! So yes I'm glad the colds were short lived :-)

  6. We're sending little kit-cat sized prayers for Sally! Hope all goes well!
    Doc looks pretty cool with that touch of gray. Ha roo roo roo! And the alcohol kittens just get cuter every time we see them!!! Mom likes Cognac's little paws!
    Play bows,

  7. PS: Your mom isn't slow... she's just careful! That's a very GOOD thing! ;)

  8. I read that Catster article about favorites, too. I don't think it's possible to love every fur baby 100% equally and everyone knows who my favorite is, my baby girl Belle. That doesn't mean we don't love all the kittehs with our whole heart, it's just that some touch us more deeply than others.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. All the kittens are just the cutest!

    Hope Sally recovers quickly :)

    Tom xx

  10. I can SO see Bourbon being special, and I cant believe he can get to the top of the tree! I bet he doesnt know there's anything wrong with him. And Doc, who wouldnt love a white kitty who likes to roll in fireplaces and get all dirty (reminds me of The Baby over at Katnip Lounge!)
    But just because some are special, doesnt mean all don't get love!

  11. Love little tabby kitties. They are so cute. If Doc flicks his tail in the fireplace a little more, he looks like a mini Felix!

  12. WE are so glad that Bourbon is doing so well. That is exciting that he climbs and does all the kitten things.


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