Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We had several comments asking for a Bourbon update. We aim to please:

I see your scratching post and scoff at it....

dis white guy is ok - and his bum is comfy too

lovin' on the foster mom...that lap is ok with me

The Bourbon boy is pretty dang cute. He is going and going and going.....

He is keeping up with his siblings and even Doc and Sally. Mom has to call to get him into the v-e-t to have his legs looked at again now that he is bigger. But he does stairs and even climbs the cat tree with no issues. OK - getting down is a little different for him, but he runs like mad around the house.

He is always looking for attention and is just sweet and lovey. Oh - and a bit of a drama queen - ignore the screaming. :)

Thanks for all the comments yesterday. It is scary to think it is something that could affect them all. The kid was over on Saturday and said to mom on Sunday that it is "weird" cause Cognac seemed ok then. It is strange.....So far everyone is doing well here. Gin has some runny eyes that mom is treating. But then again Cognac was gone in about 12 hours.

Oh, and for those of you keeping track, the a/c machine died. Along with the heat exchange machine upstairs. So on Friday there will be strange men here (mom muttered something about locking up all the cats - huh??) and installing new cold air machines.The cost almost gave mom a heart attack - we suspect our treat money just went up in flames. sigh.....


  1. Oh my stars the squeaks are adorable!! Awww! Yay Bourbon! Sorry to hear about your A/C. Oh dear!

    Take care

  2. You tell him Bourbon. What a great squeak. Maybe Bourbon can just learn to live with his hind legs. That is what the vet said about Mahoney and actually her hind legs looked a lot like Bourbon's do. I got some treats for her that are for joints and maybe that would help him. Who knows. Glad you got some new cold machines even if it did put the Mom in the Poor House. Take care.

  3. So sorry about your machines. They can be expensive. I am sure you all will just get more head pats and butt rubs to make up for the lack of treats.

  4. Goodness gracious. Those squeaks are so cute! It's nice to see Bourbon enjoy playtime with Doc. :)
    That's unfortunate about the a/c. Sadly, an a/c is now no longer a luxury but a necessity.

  5. So sorry about Cognac, sweet baby. Hope it is nothing at your home. We've been without cooly machines - NO Fun. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  6. My mommy is the sort of mommy who would go running to see why that baby was squealing. She's a total servant to any cat.

  7. Doc is a real little lion isn't he? he's got some huntin' skills!
    That Bourbon, what a screamer! If he's that upset, why does he use the white bum for a pillow, hmmm? Answer that, screamin' Bourbon!
    We're sorry about your cold machine too, but at least it's cooler this week, no?

  8. Gotta love Bourbon. Screaming bloody murder, and probably jumped on Doc the minute he got loose.

    Bummer on the A/C. That is gonna cut into the treats fund.

  9. FaRADaY: ohh we know ALL about DRAMA Queens, don't we ALLIE....

    Maxwell: Momma just loved getting another peek at Doc (she's soft on him)

  10. Love the little squeaker and Doc is one cute cat too!

    Sorry to hear about the a/c and heat exchanger. Hope you can finance over a period of time so kitties don't lose all their treats.

  11. I don't blame Bourbon for complaining - Doc was being too rough! I say payback time is due... I'm sure Bourbon can figure out something...

  12. I'm so glad that Bourbon is doing well, thanks for the update!!! He seems to be able to bunny-kick without any problems :-) Doc was being a bit of a bully I think.

  13. love love LOVE the foot to the head by Doc to Bourbon!! had me actually laughing out loud!

  14. Cool comfortable living trumps treats, kids, sorry to say! Hope your new cold makers arrive without troubles.

    Bourbon seems like a fiesty boy! And you know how the WDA feels about Doc! Hope all get and stay well

  15. Yeowzers, Doc! You're being gentle, aren't you??!?
    Play bows,
    PS: Sorry about the A/C!!! :(


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