Friday, July 6, 2012

who would have thunk???

Allie's kittens are getting bigger. Mom dewormed them on Sunday. One of the girls is a little skinny and mom is trying to make sure she eats. She is eating on her own, but her tiny baby brain has to be reminded - which we find very strange. Reminded to eat?? What's up with that???

Anyhow, they are back in baby jail in the living room. Mom got an email from the shelter if she could take a group of 3 slightly older kittens for about 10 days until they can be neutered and there is space on the adoption floor. Mom thought this would be fine - they are big enough to be out all the time and Junior would have someone to play with. (the shelter says they are 5 months, mom thinks maybe closer to 7 months, but whatever) However, what they neglected to mention is that the new guys are afraid - of EVERYTHING!! Mom can't get a picture cause they pile up on top of each other in the corner of the bathroom (though we think that might make a good picture). She has convinced one to sorta like her and she can touch the other 2, but they won't come out for scritches. So rather than lose them somewhere in the house, they are in the bathroom and Allie's kittens are back in baby jail. Mom is gonna be on a mission this weekend to work with them. :)

let us out!!!! we was framed!!

We know you love funny baby jail stories, so we have to share this. Mom has been letting Sally and Doc in to eat the gushy food with the little ones. Sally proved a long time ago that she can get out on her own. Doc has never figured it out. Fortunately he is also completely content to stay in baby jail with the kittens until mom takes pity and hauls him out to play with Sally.  But... one of the little ones has figured out how to get out. If she decides there isn't enough food, she climbs out, finds mom and runs back and forth and underfoot until they get fed. (mom is shutting us in the 2nd bedroom or has to stand guard to keep Tim from scarfing all the baby foods) Once they are fed, she stays in baby jail just fine. Weird....

 this is the boy with the leg issues - notice how he sleeps...
(note: he sees the vet on Monday)

how many kittens do YOU see??

still lovin' the cable cord


And don't forget that you can still big to name this crew (mom is now pretty sure it is 4 boys and 2 girls) at the auction for Annie.


  1. Oh wow!! Kitty cute overload!! Awww love how the kitties get out of baby jail and back again! LOL! Take care

  2. Wow, more kittens. I promise I will close the auction down on Sunday. So we can get some names on those kittens. I was sorta waiting for ML but she is probably so upset. I sure hope the little guy's vet visit goes well. I want that little guy so much. The other kittens are two cute. I think there are five in that picture but who can tell. Take care.

  3. No dull days at your house! Good luck with the new kitties!

  4. You kittens must be super tricksy to be doing such hard time! MOL! Lishy never figured out how to escape baby jail...

  5. Those kittens are so pretty - always think tabby kittens have such cute faces. We think we can see 5 kittens - did one escape of was he/she hiding?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. They are the cutest little kitties. I'm sure your mommy will get those other cats to like scritches

  7. We think kittens are so cute. We just hope they can all find great forever homes.

  8. Sweet babies. We'll send purrs for the one with the leg issue.

    And we hope that the new, scared ones, quickly realize how much fun it can be to have a human servant!

  9. They are soooooo cute! We hope you can get pics of the other ones soon!

  10. I see four kittens, but I so very much want to see more then that :) (no I mean at first glance I think there are more, not that you need to have a pile of say 10 cats.. not that I'd object to a pile of 10 cats.. heck I have a photo around here somewhere of ten cats in a pile.. oh great now I'm ramblings...)

    I do love baby jail stories! :) I love how Doc can't get out.. I love how one of the babies can.. so smart.. :)

    And what a mission you have!! :) I love those. I should just take spitty kitties from the shelter then return them once they are all loving and happy :)

  11. We think you are going to have a busy weekend!!! Hope our little boy with the bad leg gets some good news from the vet on monday...sending purrs.

  12. Good golly. More kittens! Those little tabbies remind me so much of Cosmo and Ling when they were little. :)

  13. It sounds like it'll be a real busy weekend. Big purrs and prayers for the little guy with the leg issues!

  14. How many kittens? hmm, first I think it's four, then I think it's five.. then I think it's four again! ARgh!
    I can understand the escapee who only escapes for food.. once she has what she wants, why leave? MOL

  15. They are all so darn cute. :)

  16. Sweet babies...I'm so amazed at how well your cats get on with the sheer number of transients!

    As for the new "older" kittens, good luck with getting them to let you to love on them!


  17. The kittens makes Mommy "sqeee! and goes all gushy" Me is happy they is not at our house!

  18. What a beautiful pile-o-kitcats!
    Play bows,


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