Saturday, June 30, 2012

what happened to the lights

ummmm - it is a little dark here. Mother Nature had a temper tantrum last night and the wind howled and trees blew and there was thunder and lightening. And then the lights and the air went off. And it is still off.....  darned mother nature.

Mom put the gate up in front of the bathroom last night so she could leave the door open since it was stuffy in the house. And this morning she was greeted by.....6 tiny tabby kittens. Seems someone (mom suspect Tim but we aren't telling) knocked the gate away from the wall and there was a great escape.

Hope everyone is safe. Mom had to be shipped off to grandma's house to use her lap top....


  1. now you can imagine how it might have been to blog back before electricity! Hope power is restored soon!

  2. Oh no! How hot is it there? When will power be back on?!? I sure hope it's SOON!
    We heard about the derecho storm that ripped through parts of the country - we're glad you all are safe, and hope you can get COOL!!!
    Play bows,

  3. LOL @ the Cat Guy. We think that was letter-writing. Or maybe it was inscribing on stone. :-D

    We hope your power comes back on very soon, hope your mom doesn't lose the food in her fridge/freezer.

    We're sure the "great escape" was great least for the little ones.

  4. We hope the power goes back on soon...and that the tiny tabbies were able to wreak mayhem before they woke your Mom up.

  5. Mother Nature has a lot of temper tantrums around here and we lose power and Mom Julie throws a tantrum of her own (doesn't knock down trees, though, but close, hehe)

    OOPS, she heard me. She said I tend to exaggerate..

    Hope everything is restored to cool breezes. Those kittens must have had a blast!

    Stay comfy cozy,
    Tom, Mom Julie, Mitty, Tinker & Anastasia

  6. That's what peeps do! They cut the power just before breaking in or out of someplace. I've seen it on the television so it must be true... purrs

  7. Oh noes! I hope it comes back on soon.

  8. I hope you get your electricity back soon - although I have to say, when that happens here I kind of like it because my human goes somewhere else to mess around on the laptop, and I get some peace here.

  9. Here's to hoping to quickly restored electricity! It sure is difficult to get along without it, now that we're all so used to it being here!

    We got some storms too, in PA, but they must have been milder here, because I didn't see any of the downed trees, winds, and lost power here that I saw on the news.

  10. We has been having lots of booming and my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon hides in the bathroom behind the toilet!
    Good thing we has no babies here

  11. We're so sorry - we hope you get your lights back soon!


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