Friday, June 29, 2012


Mo here with our "almost" the weekend report.

Mom wants me to tell you about the whappin incident. :) See, she keeps bringing the kid over here. Something about cute kittens. Whatever. (the kid is the one in the picture yesterday - she is mom's niece, 8 years old and staying with grandma and grandpa for the summer)

So, on Monday she came over. She was hassling playing with Doc on the second level of the cat tree and I was up here on top surveying my the territory. Mom was sitting next to the tree on the coffee table. I cracked an eye and very carefully reached over the cat tree and....WHAPPED the kid on the HEAD!!! It was AWESOME! And... I didn't even get in trouble (in fact, mom was heard snickering). I managed to get in a couple more good whaps before leaving for a new spot. (mom: I hate to say this, but it was pretty funny. the look on Mo's face was priceless - he knew he got her)

For those of you who follow Chrystal on Daily Dose of Dogs you know her mom had a heart attack. Mom sent her a text yesterday just to check in. Mom figured it might be the best way to catch Miss Chrystal since we aren't sure how much computer time she is getting right now. She said "things aren't great but they could be worse". Miss Chrystal is staying at her mom's house and we know they could all use all the purrs and woofs we can send. If you want to leave her a message here, we will gather them together and send them to her.

Oh - and mom talked to the head rescue lady about the lame baby cat. She first sighed deeply (probably thinking about the bill) and then said she will contact another animal hospital that helps the rescue that has an orthopedic vet on staff. She did say that she agrees he is too small to do something now, so he may end up being with us for a while. :)


  1. Excellent whapping job! Hahhahaha!

  2. Whappin' huh?
    I hope Chrystal's mom is OK. We send goat hugs.

  3. Oh Mo, you made our Mom laugh out loud. Oh my COD, that is funny. Good job whapping the kid. Love it.
    We sure are sending purrs to Chrystal and her family. Email coming with Judi's address.

  4. Brilliant, Mo, just brilliant! That made our Mommy laugh and laugh!
    Sending purrs to Chrystal and family.

  5. That made us laugh - what great fun!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Mo, I know you just wanted to send the kid a warning not to try to steal your spot on the cat tree - all in good fun, right?

  7. Fabulous whapping!
    WE are praying for Chrystal and her family. WE do hope that her Mom has a complete recovery and we are keeping them all in close in our thoughts.


  8. Pawsome whappin job! We do wish you had a pic of it. We are revvin our motors for Chrystal, and her Mom. We will remember her in our purrayers and send healing thoughts her way too. Thanks fur telling us. xoxo

  9. Ha roo roo roo. Way to go, Big Mo!
    Play bows,

  10. Mo that was a good job of whappin' with the feign with the paw.
    We will light a candle and purr for Chystral

  11. Whapping kids with the mighty paw is a good thing, nice job!

  12. Oh, we do hope the little kitten gets his bones all fixed up right!

  13. Hi Jeanne!
    Yes...please let Chrystal now that we love her and miss her posts. It has been a solemn week with her gone and we hope that her mother is feeling much better and will be around being her ol' self soon.
    Much Love,
    Mindy & The Slimmer Fur Family

  14. Oh the whappin' just got me and mommy to smiling! Made our day. Hope the baby can be helped. Poor little bitty baby.

  15. Way to go with the whapping Mo. Sasha is the whapper around here, Sami is the whappee. So far he hasn't tried whapping humans (Mom says he better not!)

    Sasha, Sami & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  16. Thanks so much for the update on Chrystal. We had been wondering. Please pass on our good thoughts to her.

    Excellent whapping!

    The Chans

  17. Thanks for coming to my birthday nipfest friends!
    ~Jimmy xo

  18. LOL@getting whapped. I love a good claws in whap..

    I'm sorry to hear Crystal's mom isn't doing better then she is, but it is good to know she does have something to be thankful for. My thoughts have been with her and her family at this difficult time.

    Don't you just hate that sigh? I so hope the ortho has something that will work well for the kitten but won't break the bank.


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