Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wendy and the fast food kitts

The Bridge welcomed another Angel yesterday. We wish Parker as safe journey and peace and purrs to her family.....

Mom and kittens were at the shelter on Monday for vaccinations, dewormer and more marquis paste (for the coccidia). Mom left them with the cat caregiver and snickered....have fun with that momma cat - she don't like to be medicated. MOL

Everyone is doing pretty well. There was a note about the tiny boy - BK. He is about half the size of his siblings. But active and eating - more or less. They want him supplemented with a combination of a/d (high protein/high calorie) and KMR. Mom had been syringe feeding him some KMR anyhow. About the only way to do this is feed everyone and then give him his own plate in the bathtub. Monday night and Tuesday morning he ate the a/d. Tuesday night - not so much. But he was all about what everyone else was eating when he was "released". Wednesday morning - slurped up the KMR and ignored the rest. Boys..... As of last night and this morning, he has eaten about half his body fancy feast. Mom says she gives up - so long as he is eating, we say let him have what he wants. He weighed about .75 pounds last night while one of his brothers weighed 1.25 pounds.

BK, Sonic, Arby

BK & Arby

Wendy is still pretty skinny. The shelter suggested giving her a break - only she hisses at everyone she sees. However, she is good about getting away from the kittens. She will lay down on her belleh or get up on the counter. Mom laughs when she walks in to find Wendy on the counter and 4 little boys lined up on the floor staring up at her......




The bathroom is once again a wreck - mom's project for the weekend.


  1. Oh poor Wendy and poor boys who don't know she needs a break. I hope BK will scarf down whateer he is given and boy, I can imagine the bathroom. That will be a project for sure. xox

  2. Special special purrs and hugs to BK!! And all of them really! Awww! Take care

  3. Ok, now we have to cheer BK on. Better scarf that food down young man. Now where is Silver in all this mix?? Hope Wendy can put on some weight. Those kittens are so cute of course.

  4. Maybe he is just going to be a little guy? I hope all goes well

  5. Such so much cute, I can hardly stand it!

  6. BK's eyes are nice and bright and he looks very alert! We laughed about Wendy but we hope she gains some weight soon.
    Oh, and good luck with the bathroom project. ;)

  7. All that cute is a lot of hard work! White Dog woos of thanks for making sure everyone eats, that moms get a break, and that the bathroom gets back into shape...we imagine for the most part, you don't get too many testimonial dinners for those details of what you do. We want you to know how much you are appreciated.

  8. We guess as long as all the kitteh are eating, they all are heading the right direction.

  9. What a cute bunch! We hope that BK will put on lots of weight over the weekend!

    The Chans


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