Friday, May 25, 2012

general layout.....

We have had a few inquiries about how things work around here with kittens. Especially as many as we have right now.

We live in a 2 bedroom condo that is about 1000 square feet. We technically live on the second floor as we live above the garages in our 4 unit condo building. However, once you get upstairs, everything in on one floor. The stairs open up into our living/room dining room. Then the kitchen and the hall to the bedrooms and bathroom (which if you stop at the end of the hall - the bathroom is on your left, mom's room on your right and "our" room in between).

(ignore Ivy's lazers - she is protecting the door to mom's bedroom)

Normally, kittens stay in the bathroom. Once they are vaccinated and big enough, they are allowed out for supervised visits until mom is sure they know where everything is and everyone gets along. And kittens stay in the bathroom at night.

However, we are a "little" overcrowded.

Wendy and the kittens are in the bathroom. Mom hopes to give them some supervised time out, but Wendy may not be allowed out depending on her attitude.

Silver kind of has free run of the house. She is big enough that mom is ok with it. And at night, she sleeps on the cat tree. She started that when Marble was still here since Marble wouldn't sleep in the bedroom with us. And of course, this allows her to supervise the white kittens.

Annie and Wild Bill are living in baby jail - in the living room. Mom tried to put it in the dining room since that space was empty when she sold the table. However, she kept hitting her head on the light and it was hard to watch since it was behind her chair. So she moved our condo in there and moved baby jail under the windows where our condos used to be.

(this is what you see when you get to the top of the stairs)

Confused yet???  MOL

Silver is much less snotty. Annie and Wild Bill have been enticed to slurp KMR off a plate. Next step add kitten food. (good luck with that mom) Silver is fascinated with the tinies. She sits outside baby jail and stares at them. The other night she ran back and forth and back and forth after Wild Bill. He finally fell over on his back and she could reach through the bars and just touch his tail - and he was waving his paws around over his head like he was going to get her in response. goofy boy..... Mom suspects Silver thinks that the babies are cat toys for her entertainment. She is none too gentle, so play is only with supervision.

Wild Bill & Annie - you can see he is smaller than her


  1. Oh my goodness! The cotton ball kittens!

    It might be a "crowded house" but it looks like a house full of love! :)

  2. Special purrs for Wild Bill! Hope he gets to grow as big as his beautiful sisfur Annie! Awww!!! Your home is lovely!

    Take care

  3. Those two kittens do look like cotton balls. Glad to hear that Silver is better and that she is keeping watch over the white kitties. Your house sounds a lot like mine. There is a cat in every room and 4 or 5 in some rooms and many outside. Take a deep breathe and have a great week end.

  4. Boy with that set-up is a good thing everything is organized. I can sure see how Silver would be confused over the babies, when I first saw the picture I thought they were stuffed animals too! They are very cute.

    You sure have a loving household!

    We stopped by to thank you for the support you have given to our mommy while Squashies has been sick. We really appreciate all you purrs!

  5. I see laser eyes!!!! I swear!!

  6. I always say -- there is nothing like a house full of cats to make it feel like a home! Yours may be a bit crowded with all the furr balls, but it sounds lovely all the same.

  7. Oh I am enchanted with the babies, the baby jail and everyone. Wild Bill has my heart. Look at how fat both Wild Bill and Annie are.

  8. I love how you care for the wee ones!

  9. You've made pretty efficient use of the space you have! I am pretty impressed.

  10. Sounds like living arrangements are pretty complicated for you. We're glad we all simply have the run of the house here!

  11. Wow, they sure are white! We can see why Silver sleeps on the cat tree. It has such a nice view of the outside AND her "cat toys"!


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