Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day - foster style

Butterfly (1/08)

Butterfly's kittens: Marigold and Violet

Harmony (9/08)

Harmony's kittens: Daffodil, Iris, Rose, Lily and Ivy (yes, THAT Ivy)

April (4/09)
April's kittens: Hoisin, Mushoo, Tofu, Wonton, Lychee

Chloe (4/10)

Chloe's kittens: Treble, Nocturne, Minuet, Requiem, Cadence

Chiclet (9/10)

Chiclet's kittens: Utah, Dakota, Maine, Georgia, Nevada, Carolina

Swizzle & kittens (4/11)


  1. Oh, there is Swizzle. Did her kittens find homes?? I can't remember. What a great bunch of pictures.It is so much fun to see all the kittens that pass through your house. Happy Mother's day to you for being such a good Mom to all those cats. Take care.

  2. Happy Mother's day to all the fluffy and not fluffy moms!

  3. Happy Mother's day to all the fluffy and not fluffy moms!

  4. The mamas at your house pick the BEST names! purrs

  5. Happy Mother's Day wishes from all of us at the Katnip Lounge! And double for being such a good foster mama.

  6. Just BEAUTIFUL!!! And a whole lotta squee-ing going on around here!
    IVY!!! Look at what a tiny kit-cat you were!!!!
    Play bows,

  7. Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful foster mom, as well as to the real cat moms. :-)

  8. I think there should be a special day for fosters!

  9. Happy Mother's day to you and to the cat moms and I remember many of these babies and mommies. xox

  10. Such cuties and so lucky to have you

  11. Thank you for your work as a foster Mom!!! Happy Mothers day!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  12. Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, kitties and all others too!

    I don't know how you manage with so many babies. I had a dream the other night that someone brought me a mom kitty with 17 babies..I woke up in a panic!

  13. Beautiful amazing resilient mamas!! Yay! Take care

  14. Such good moms! Happy Mother's Day!!

  15. Such sweet Moms. And what a wonderful foster mom you are! Happy Mother's Day to you all! :)

  16. Happy Mother's Day from the dessert sisters.

    Truffle and Brulee

  17. Mowzers that's a lot of kittehs! We hope your mom had a pawesome Mother's Day, she sure deserves it for being such a great foster mom!

  18. wow you really help lots and lots of cats!

    I could not find your email to email you back when you commented on my blog

    We found a cat one house away after her being gone for 24 hours - was trapped under an old RV.

    Thanks for commenting!


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