Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's see......

Mom spoke to her sister-in-law last night. They came up for the week to bring the kid and to spend the week with grandma as she recovers. Grandma had just gotten home from surgery and they were getting her settled. Mom did warn Abby to read the med bottle and not trust grandpa to get it right. :) But it sounds like all went well.

Annie did end up at the v-e-t last night. She is just so little that mom says better safe than sorry. Mom took Sally with for moral support. It was fun to watch them race around the exam room waiting for the v-e-t. OK - Sally raced and Annie waddled along behind her. :) The tech asked when Annie had last peed. Not sure. And then she peed on the floor - well, there you have it. MOL The v-e-t recommended putting her back completely on KMR and on a med called lactulose until her system adjusts. It may have just been too much change and she couldn't keep up. So.....Wild Bill is in with the bigger kittens and Annie is in solitary getting her meds and KMR. At least Bill can't try to nurse on her this way.

Wild Bill likes to sleep ON Doc Holiday

And in other good news, the rescue lady said she would accept this group of kittens into the rescue to get them adopted (when they are big enough).

Oh - and while at the v-e-t mom noticed a spot on Sally's front paw. It was....a TICK!!!! ewwwww  Mom got it off and drowned it in alcohol. And then went over the rest of her pretty well - and Doc when she got home. Hopefully it was just that one (cause mom said she felt like she had the cooties all night).


  1. Ewww indeed, I HATE ticks....

    Love the picture of Bill and Doc! Where's Wyatt? :P

  2. Re: the tick, gross. We hope we never have one, our mom probably wouldn't even know how to remove it! Plus there's the whole Lyme disease scare....

    We're glad there's nothing seriously amiss with Annie, assume her system will sort itself out. :-)

  3. Oh ticks! Bleagh!!! Well spotted!!

    Awwww hugs to Annie and healing purrs and prayers to grandma!! Take care

  4. I know you have to get rid of tics but how \i would have no idea!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. TICKS! The give mommy the heebie jeebies!

  6. we hopes yer granny an' miss annie bofe get all regulated soon!! hugs & bonks from alla the meowers!!

  7. Ticks make Mommy feel all icky all over. And once she found one on her ear. EWWWWWWW.

  8. I so know how you feel!! :) I found six on my current two kittens..

    Hopefully Annie is feeling better right quick!

  9. Yuk at ticks! I’ve had Lyme and see also what it can do to animals :( Well spotted!!

  10. Hope your grandmama feels better/recovers well and soon! And good eye for the tick spotting! Want to get rid of those lickity tick! :p

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  11. We're glad to hear Annie is okay! Big purrs for her and your Grandma.


    pee ess: Ticks ... ewwww!

  12. Glad to hear Grandma and Annie are doing fine.

    Ewww to the tick - I'd be like your mom and feel creepy crawly all night!

  13. oh goodness, we hopes Annie does well on the KMR and lactulose (grampa norton was on that to help him poop)

    our the mom would have DIED if she finded a tick

  14. ew, ew, EW! TICK??? Momma hates those things!!


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