Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly wrapup......

Let's see......

Grandma and grandpa still don't know about the ink. But, mom is having dinner with them this weekend. Now, it isn't that mom is keeping it hidden - she has her sleeves pushed up at work and she wears short sleeves to the shelter to volunteer. She is proud of her artwork (which of course is just LOVELY now that it is peeling - and yes, it is supposed to do that - mom is just keeping it lotioned up), but she just doesn't want to hear about it from grandma....can't blame her for that. MOL

Mom ran into the lady who adopted Cheerio the other night at Petco. His name is now Truman and she said that he is loving their basement living room though hasn't come upstairs yet. She loves him a lot and we know he is in a good place. She had a video on her phone of him running around after a mousie toy. :)

Mom said something about a transport tomorrow. More on that on Monday we are sure. Plus there is an adoption event at Petco on Sunday, so mom will be over there for a few hours as well.

Oh, and check this out.....Miss Chrystal from Daily Dose of Dogs has written a book. How cool is that??? If your order it from her website (there is a spot in the upper right corner), she gets $4 of the proceeds. Mom is pretty excited to read it...

Otherwise, mom mumbled about laundry and the dyson monster. And some visitor Monday night that we aren't going to enjoy...wonder what that is about??

Oh, and happy Friday the 13th - be sure to kiss a house panther for good luck!!
(no, Mo isn't going anywhere, mom had the carrier open to take Sissy to Petsmart
and turned around to find Mo inside - silly boy)


  1. Me and Charlie are blowing Mo tons of kisses!!

    Yay for Truman!!! Awwww he's in a happy home and hopefully will venture out of the basement soon!

    Yay too for Miss Chrystal!

    Take care

  2. I am happy to hear that Truman is doing well! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  3. Mo, you so gorgeous! Makes my mommy want to indeed kiss a house panfer. xoxoxoxo

  4. Yeah for Cheerio / Truman!!! Forever homes are the best.

  5. So great to meet you guys!

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!!

  6. OH NOSE... I guess I am in big trouble beclaws I don't have a house panther to kiss.

  7. OH NOSE... I guess I am in big trouble beclaws I don't have a house panther to kiss.

  8. A cat that chooses to go in a pet carrier????

  9. Never heard of a cat going willingly into a carrier, MOL. Mine hear the click of the handle and make like Houdini.

    That was so nice that you ran into the person who adopted Cheerio so she could give you an update.

  10. Truman is happy, the ink is still safely hidden..I love your update! We don't get that much of a chance to read posts during the week, so we were glad we didn't miss anything..

    Have a great weekend!

    Tom, Mom Julie & the crew xxxx

  11. Good luck with the transport and the adoption event.

    BTW, my mom's hubby still doesn't know I have tattoos, about 10 years after the first one. LOL. No need to tell him, I don't live in close by at all and so years can pass in between visits.

    If people are going to give you grief about it, it's just easier not to say anything. LOL.

  12. Friday the 13th should be renamed House Panther day! Mo would love that, I am sure!

  13. Yay for Truman, I'm sure he'll come out of that basement soon!
    About tattoos.. Found out my niece (who lives with me) got another one because a friend of hers posted a picture of it on facebook! That is not the way I want to find out, sheesh!
    Heck, yours is done, cant change it, why hide it now? MOL

  14. Kisses to Mo...happy 13th all!!!

  15. Mo looks adorable. Great wrap-up post. Have a pawsome weekend, furriends. xoxo

  16. Yeah! If they have a vid of Truman playing with a toy on their phone... I'd say it shows a lot! :)
    Do your grandma and grandpa read your blog? If so, they might have an idea about the tattoo. Ha roo roo roo! (Our grandma NEVER reads ours, but I thought I should ask.)
    Mo, you look adorable in the carrier!
    Play bows,


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