Monday, February 13, 2012

Ups and Downs.....

As most of you who are involved in rescue know, there are always ups and downs.....Mom had a few this weekend.

Friday night was the great bloodhound drive (she says her left arm must now be about 3 inches longer than her right arm - MOL).

Saturday morning she got a call from Miss Beckie from the rescue about cats to go to Petco. Noah's Ark Vet Hospital helps out the rescue and wondered if we would be willing to help them get a kitty adopted. Big Callie was part of a TNR group and then the colony caregiver determined she was friendly. She was brought to the vet hospital, checked out good on everything and Mom picked her up Saturday am to go to Petco.

Saturday afternoon mom went to the shelter and a young guy (early 20s?) brought in a cat. He works at a local car wash and when they got to work on Saturday, there was a cat. They checked their video and saw a woman drive up in a van, put the cat out by their dumpster, put the litter box out as well and drive away. HISS!!!!

Anyhow, the workers at the car wash couldn't take her but did the RIGHT thing and brought her to the shelter. She should be checked out today and hopefully will be on the adoption floor soon. Long hair dilute calico girl - friendly too. Mom got to name her and she is now known as Bubbles. (hahaha)

Sunday was adoption event day. The snotty kittens went with for the cute factor. And....

Callie got adopted!!!!! Concats to her and her new family!


  1. Do you have animal abandonment laws in your state? And did they get a plate number?

    HUGE Kudos to the car wash guys!

  2. We hope the woman gets thrown in a dumpster with the trash.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Well at least the wonderful Callie got adopted!

  4. We hope there's away for that dumpster lady to be tracked down! We're glad the car wash workers brought in "Bubbles" :) Purrs for her.

    Concats to Callie! and what great news about Georgia!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  5. Hex, hex, hex on that awful lady!!!!!!!!!

    Praying that Bubbles will quickly find a loving home.


  6. We don't understand how anyone can put a cat in the dumpster. That is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

  7. Let's hope dear Bubbles will be as lucky as Callie!

  8. So happy that Callie was adopted. We hope Bubbles can be adopted soon, too.

    Truffle and Brulee

  9. Dave and I are trying our best to growl at the person who dumped Bubbles (ha roo roo roo) at the car wash!!! (Mom can't even remember us ever growling, but this would do the trick!) We're so glad the gentleman who works there brought her to the shelter!
    Callie is SO ADORABLE! She reminds me of my neighborhood Callie Co friend!!! YEA for getting adopted!!!
    Play bows,

  10. LOL about arms being 3 inches longer. Been there done that and bless you :-)
    Yay for Callie and Bubbles gorgeous!

  11. what in the world makes people so horrible and cruel? WHY would you even HAVE a pet if you care so little for them. Sorry..this isn't my blog...

  12. Awwww beautiful Bubbles!! Me and Charlie hope she will be as lucky as adorable Callie - yay for Callie! A pox on the house of that ugly woman who dumped Bubbles! :-( Hooorah to the nice people at the car wash place who took Bubbles to the shelter!

    Take care

  13. I wonder if they got the license plate number too. My human is FURIOUS, especially since the cat before me, who was so special to her, was a longhaired calico (although not dilute). I had better go calm her down... or maybe hack up hairball and get her mind off it.

  14. A car wash? how in the world does that sound like a good place to leave a cat????? They hate water! Some people...

    Bubbles? Bubbles!! OMC I love it!!!

    Yay for Callie! From homeless, to trapped to a new home!

  15. How can humans be so mean as to abandon a poor cat like that?? Grrrrrrr!!! It makes us so mad!! But we're glad she is at the shelter now and hopefully will find a loving home.


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