Saturday, February 11, 2012

good dog news....

First, mom just read online that Georgia from Best Friends has been adopted. For any of you that followed the Vick dogs and/or Dogtown on National Geographic Channel, you would have gotten a chance to meet her. She was dog aggressive and all of her teeth had been pulled - more likely that not due to her being a champion fighter and this way she could be bred without hurting the male dog. A tough life to say the least. But, she bonded with her care givers, got her Canine Good Citizenship, and is on her way home....

Also, mom drove another transport for Ontario Bloodhound Rescue. Boone is an 11 month old male, neutered but tied outside to a dog house for his entire life. Duchess is an adult female - used as a breeding machine. They hadn't met, so it was a bit of event in the car, but they settled in. However, mom got to the transport site before the next driver, so she was outside with both dogs for about 30 minutes. Duchess didn't like Boone and he was acting like a wacky teenager. He got in her face and she nailed him on the nose. So mom spent the next little while trying to keep them as apart as possible. But, they are now in foster and on there way to a much better life.

Mom didn't get pictures....forgot her camera, though she says she wouldn't get pictures in the chaos anyhow. MOL

Stay warm this is pretty cold here.


  1. What a handful! I love happy endings, though, even if the beginnings were anything but.

    Take care and stay warm, too!


  2. That is really good news and makes for a happy weekend!

  3. My human and her boyfriend actually met Georgia! I am not a dog-loving cat, but I HATE what was done to those poor creatures by Michael Vick and his associates. Nobody deserves that horror to happen to them.

  4. We're happy to hear Georgia has found a furever home!

  5. We are hopeful that these two dogs get the loving homes they deserve and we hope the nasty people before get pooped on from a great height.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. What a great happily ever after for Georgia! :)

  7. We don't know what to say about those people who abused that dog. What we are thinking is NOT POLITE! We're glad someone out there has helped Georgia.

  8. What a great ending for Georgia! I'm glad none of you were in the car though. That sounds pretty scary!


    Tia and Millie


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