Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday.....

Mo is thankful that mom is gentle when she kicks him off the kitchen counter.... MOL  She said she had to take this picture first cause of all the counter he could sit on, he parked his behind on the pot holder....

Mom met a very nice family last night at the shelter who adopted a young kitty named Rose. It was very sweet!!! Mom loves helping these kitties and families match up into their forever homes....and is so thankful that people are learning to ADOPT NOT SHOP!!

We thought we would get some sun puddles yesterday, but the sun was messing with us - showed up for a little bit but then disappeared before it could come in the windows.....drat!!

Miss Dollop could use some purrs. The other lady that mom is working with from the rescue emailed her today and said that Petco called and Dollop wasn't eating. Miss Beckie went and picked her up and Dollop got some sub-q fluids and did eat some canned is afraid that the move to the store was just too much for this shy girl.

Oh - and the shelter has put up a Finally Home page on their website. Some of you may remember mom talking about Smudge (Mo Cats Day). Well, this was posted from his mom (it is longer, but this is the part that made mom laugh:

"Smudge is the second black cat we have owned and they are definitely unique. For some reason, black cats seem to act more like dogs and have this great fascination with water. I'm currently shopping for a kitty fountain for Smudge. I figure that it would be easier than trying to teach Smudge to turn off the faucet with his kitty paws. His love of water has progressed into a fascination with the washing machine. It's a front loader and everytime that I start a load of clothes, he runs down to the basement and watches the clothes spin."


  1. Smudge sounds just like our 'Black'. Our Black loves to get in the sink and have the faucet turned on just so he can play. Sometimes he curls up in the bathroom sink. Glad that Smudge has a good home. Take care.

  2. Don,t feel bad Mo, I get gently kicked off the counters too!

  3. Mo, the lesson is, to stay on the counter, do something super-cute!

  4. Mo, we thought you were very clever to sit your bum down on something padded. :-)

    Purrs to Miss Dollop, poor little sweetie.

    And Smudge sounds like quite the character!

  5. Mommie tells everyone that we are not "allowed" on the kitchen counter. I wonder if she knows where the first place we go every time she leaves the house!

  6. My black cat Onyx loves watching the water ripples when I take a bath (but don't try and push him in!) He also likes to watch the toilet flush, but I'm afraid he might fall in!

    How does one teach a cat to stay off a kitchen counter??

  7. I think Mo would like you to know he is NOT on the counter, he is on the pot holder thank you very much


  8. Gorgeous Mo!! You look so proud of yourself! Yay!!

    Awww poor Miss Dolly - me and Charlie are sending her big hugs and purrs!

    Smudge! LOL!! Yay for Smudge! Take care

  9. In answer to Helen Pavlac's comment - you don't teach cats not to go on the worktop - you just don't notice them eventually and miss them if they're not stood on your sandwich!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. It's good that more kitties are finding homes.

    We have not seen the sun since the snow started on Sunday. It is still snowing.

  11. Of course he had to sit on the oven mit! He's a cat isnt he? It's the same as when they have the whole world to sleep on but the ONLY place they can go is on the paper/book you are currently reading!

  12. Smudge sure sounds like he's being appreciated in his new home!
    And Mo... you're not really in TOO much trouble if your mom takes a pic BEFORE she makes you move! Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  13. It is great to hear that Smudge is having such a good time in his new home!

    Of course we will purr for Dollop. We hope she starts eating soon.

    We think you look perfect up there on your potholder, Mo!

  14. You are such a cutie! Loving the picture :) I'll definitely send some purrs Miss Dollop's way! I hope she gets to feeling better soon! And what a cute quote at the end... I've seen that in some of my friends' cats too... Crazy how cats have different personalities, but how there are so many similarities between them too! Best wishes!


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  15. We love forever victories like Rosie's and Smudge's! Send soft woos of encouragement and healing energy to Miss Dollop so she feels better and comes out of her shell a bit.

  16. Hey! I'm posting another comment to let you know that I've passed on the LIEF award to you! Stop by my blog to see what it's about and to get the award!

  17. We NEVER get up on the food counter! The "clap-claps an HEY" were bad enough, but the spray bottle was REALLY convincing!


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