Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday.....

First, mom loved all the comments from yesterday. Carolyn asked if the boys pay rent - mom snorted and muttered something about "if only...."

So, we were thinking about all the things we are thankful for, and as we start a new year, we want to point out those people we think about alot....

Those who rescue - be it for a non-profit or just on your own

Those who volunteer at shelters and rescues - they can't do it without you

Those who drive transports every weekend - those animals get out of shelters because of you

Those who foster - what an amazing start for these animals

Those who choose to ADOPT!!

And that leads to this: In April of 2011, a beautiful torbie girl came into the shelter. She was named Esmerelda.
She did ok at first, but mom said she could tell that Es was getting depressed the longer she was at the shelter. She moved from a cage to a real room with other cat roommates. But, she wouldn't greet people and just didn't seem to care.

About a week ago, she and another cat named Butterscotch went to Petsmart. And on this past Saturday, an application was faxed over from Petsmart for Esmerelda. Single middle aged guy. Owns his condo. Had cats before but no current pets.  YEAH!!!

He was approved....seems he had been in to see her about 3-4 times. And when it came down to it, he couldn't leave Butterscotch, so he ended up taking both girls!!

So, today we are REALLY thankful for:


  1. How wonderful for Esmeralda and Butterscotch!!! Yay for guys who like cats :-)

  2. YAY for Esmeralda and Butterscotch!!!!!!!!!! Bless Cat Guy!!!!

  3. Hoorah for guys like cat guys!! Awwww sweet Esmeralda and Butterscotch have a new home - best news!! Take care

  4. Mommie says that she thinks a guy who likes cats is way more sexy than any body builder type.

  5. Our Mommy just loves guys who love animals! There are a lot more of them lately!

  6. Hooray for the guy - we are delighted they will be together at their new home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Oh so thankful for cat guys (I typed gats... lol)

    Congrats Es, way to wait for your man!

  8. Oh my goodness, two adoptions! Thanks for the great big smile!!!

  9. Oh that is such good news. I love hearing good stories like that. We are so glad that the guy took two of them. Stay warm.

  10. Oh how sweet. It is good when animals have friends.

  11. How awesome for Esmerelda and Butterscotch! Cat guys rule!

  12. woo hoo! Cat guys rock! folks that opt to adopt rock!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  13. Yay for cat guys! Yay for that cat guy! Yay for adopters everywhere!

  14. We love hearing things like this! Hooray for Cat Guys! May that new little family have all the love and safety and sharing of bounties that there is.

  15. YAY! Now that's something to be thankful for!!

  16. Good for Esmeralda and Butterscotch.


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