Friday, November 4, 2011

There is cute, and then there is this...

A kitten was brought to the shelter about a week ago. Medium hair gray tabby - in that "my hair won't lay down" stage of kittenhood. Mom was pretty enamored.....

Anyhow, somehow over the weekend, the end of her tail was shut in her cage door. Not broken, but it bled some and she wouldn't leave it alone. So the staff contemplated their options. She needed a cone, but most don't come that small - and she needed to be able to eat and get around. So they decided to do this:

Yes, that is a bowl - one of those you would use at a picnic. They cut a hole in the middle. Works like a charm.....and makes her about 500% cuter!!!

Oh, and cause you can't never have too much chaos at our house, mom picked up these guys last night - Mason and Danny are about 3 months old and recovering from the tail end of an eye must have been bad since one of them (mom can't tell them apart yet - she didn't get good info) has a corneal scar that covers his whole right eye. Mom mentioned something about letting them out tonight...we better get our naps in now....


  1. Awwww Mason, Danny and Mimi!!! You are all so super duper adorable! Take care

  2. Ouchy! Adorable pic fur sure. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Talk about adding insult to injury, ha ha ha ha!!! Sorry, but the "cone of shame" is too funny!

  4. Making a cone out of that styrofoam bowl was a brilliant idea! We hope her tail heals quickly.

    Have fun with the two new fosters. LOL.

  5. So adorable! That cone of shame, made out of a styrofoam bowl is priceless. Purring and praying that the little one's tail heals soon.

  6. Oh Mimi, you are just the fashion icon of cats. That bowl is just the best. Much better than one of those horrible cones.
    Mason and Danny, you are very cute yourselves. We love black kitties so you are the best.

  7. Oh Mimi...bless your precious little tail and heart. That was quite a cone they made for you, sweetheart. You look adorable though.

  8. That is very clever indeed.

    The Happy Goats are participating in the Blog Blast for Peace. They have given the raspberry to war!

  9. I think that kitty with the bowl on her head is thinking that there are much better ways to be cute!

  10. Awwwww you are right so adorable.

    Beautiful peace globes

    Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



  11. Sending peace, love & purrs. We're also blogging for peace at my other blog the Boomer Muse http://blog.laylamorganwilde

  12. Wishing you peace always! We hope those kitties will all recover quickly. Can hardly believe that tomorrow is almost here...see you soon :-)

  13. What a cutie! We hope her tail heals quickly!!

  14. Happy Peace Day!

    Oh my DAWG! That baby kitteh is SO super cute with that bowl on. And those humans are super smart. Hmmmm...this gives me an idea. *I* could just wear a bowl around my neck and then I'd have my noms with me wherever I go!

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  15. Adorable kitty with injured tail, and so nice of you to take those two in...

  16. Those two new guys are the cutest- I must say, black cats are the best!! That bowl thing would've been a great Halloween trick, set on a table with kitty supported beneath, of course...

  17. Just replying to your comment on my Musings blog re: fast-selling condos: Yes, in this area I've seen "for sale" signs go up one day, then as little as two or three days later have a "sold" sign on them, quite a few times. Sometimes it takes a week, even a few, though.

    Apartment vacancy is only 1% here, so an inexpensive home, especially one that's been redone, won't last long on the market.

    Mind you, I've also seen it take a year or even two to sell the occasional over-priced house in this area, home-owners who have unrealistic expectations as to the value of their aging home. LOL.


  18. Great idea to use a bowl for a cone! Wishing you all a peaceful year to come.

    Cats of wildcat woods

  19. Poor little kit-cat! Though she really DOES look cute wearing the bowl. Hope her tail heals up soon so she can ditch that thing! (AND that she finds a good forever home!)
    Play bows,

  20. Sending healing purrs for these little ones. xx

  21. The bowl collar is so funny. One of our volunteers did something similar a few years ago, but then padded it out with washclothes. We laughed at her but Zammie did much better with it than he did with the e-collar from the vet. She said she could get away with it because her last name ends in "ski". I'll have to try to find those pictures.


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