Monday, August 1, 2011

Wild weekend update....

    (oh for pete's sake - it was 3 days and Miss Carolee was here everyday....)

Fine - whatever.....

Anyhow, the hots are still here, so we are lazing around the house. But we are cats, so you can't expect too much more than that. MOL

Mom spent the weekend up north with her relatives. Nothing like 7 hours of travel in her small car with her parents and the kid (who is 7) to make her kind of grateful to get back to work. A fun time was had by all - except for the car ride....and the mosquitoes!!

Adoption news: Grace & Audrey were adopted on Friday TOGETHER from Petsmart. Miss DeLynn came over on Friday and picked up Xander, Willow and Ebony since mom was out of town. Good thing too since.... Willow was adopted on Saturday. :)

Oh - and remember Leo the bloodhound? His foster parents decided to adopt him. YEAH!!!!

On that note, we are going back to sleep.....  Stay cool!!!


  1. Wonderful adoption news!!! Yay!! Awwww you gorgeous kitties stay cool - mum's back now! :-) Take care

  2. Wow, what good news about all the adoptions. Seems like a lot of kitties get adopted from Pet Smart. Glad the Blood hound gets to stay with his foster Mom. Take care all you kitties.

  3. Cats are quite the kings and queens of drama, aren't they?!

    Wonderful news on the adoptions. Great work.

  4. Wow that is a lot of stuff going on! We are glad that the adoption news was good - that is always a good thing to hear! And we can't believe your mom abandoned you - to go and hang out with mosquitos! We just don't get what humans are thinking sometimes!!

  5. Hooray for Grace, Audrey, Willow and Leo! We're very excited for them and their new forever families! :)

    Stay cool during all these hots, okay?

  6. Oh babies!!! Your momm don´t abandoned you... don´t worry!!! Kisses

  7. So would you all REALLY would have wanted to get into PTUs and sit in the crowded car for 7 hours there and 7 hours back? Mom did you a HUGE favor by sparing you!

    What great news about the adoptions. We hope Grace, Audrey, Willow and Leo have a lifetime of safety, happiness, health and love in their new forever homes.

  8. I don't know, I'm with the kittehs. NO other caregiver is the equivalent of Mom... although they'll never, ever, ever, ever show it!


    I'm glad Leo found his home after all that bouncing around. Now he can settle down to the business of being a hound dog.

  9. Hooray for all of the adoptions, that is totally wonderful!


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