Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Mom was trying to get us all on video last night walking around to compare how we each do it differently. However, we refused to comply. Instead, she realized she could tell the tale of the tails.

Some of us just sleep without twitching:

Ivy & Tim

Spud & Mo

However, Tommy like to make his tail twitch:

And mom would love for someone to tell us what is up with Junior:

That boy's tail is usually up like that. Mom is reminded of a wildlife show she saw where a leopard was walking through the brush and the tv guy said they do that to let everything around know it isn't hunting. Now, Junior wouldn't know HOW to hunt, so we aren't sure what he is up to....

Editor's note: we love that people are saying Junior's tail shows he is confident. Mom says it is funny that he really is confident around the house and yet wants nothing to do with her (yep - that is our adorable semi-feral boy).


  1. That's one CRAZY tail Junior's got! He looks nice and confident to me!
    Play bows,

  2. We like Junior's tail-up and flicking walk!

    Chumley always walked around with his tail up. Annie would walk with hers up and twitching...the mom would call her My Friend Flicka, because of that flicking tail. :-)

    Nicki twitches his tail sometimes while lying down, but not that much, and Derry hardly at all, if ever.

  3. twitchy tails are cool!!

    I'm amazed at everyone being so quiet! Not even a peep!

  4. Cat tail language is fascinating. Junior's tail show a confident, happy cat.

  5. All of your twitchy tails are so cute! We don't think our Deli's tail EVER stops moving - even when she's sound asleep!

  6. Re: Tommy - when my older cat does that, it means he's really, really, really pissed off. When my younger cat does it, it means she's very content.

    Go figure. I'm going to agree with everyone on Junior being happy and confident with a tail like that. It happens, even in cats who are wusses around people.

  7. That is unusual for a feral kitty to put their tails up much. I think they do it when they are happy or glad to see someone as in another cat. At least that is what I noticed. Hope all of you have a super day.

  8. My cat flicks her tail ALL the time! It's adorable.

  9. Yay for twitchy tails!!! Me and Charlie think that kitties not only talk with their mouths but with their tails!! Yay! Take care

  10. Tommy is planning World Domination, we're sure. Junior has Happy Tail, at least that's what we call it!

  11. Seems like you kitties have a WHOLE lot to say with those tails of yours!

  12. I love seeing you all moving. I get your personalities so much better!

  13. do your tails efur transform into annoying caterpillars that you MUST chase an' catch? ours do--nitro ran into the doorframe last night doin' that, an' now he's convinced that several tails ganged up on him!


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