Friday, August 5, 2011

Product Review!!

July 22nd:
We gots a package a while ago from Baby Patches at Nip and Bones asking us to be on her Tester Team and to review a product for them. We didn't get any compensation - so everything we say here is strictly our opinions. :)

When Mom opened the package, she was pretty excited. And then she saw it was Organic Cat Grass that you grow yourself. This could be has a brown thumb. We have a christmas cactus she hasn't killed yet, but we suspect that is just cause it doesn't die just cause she forgets to water it. She thought about sending it back, but then said that if SHE could grow this then is proves any idiot could do it.
(we kept our idiot comments to ourselves)

Step one: open the main bag and then the seed bag and bury the seeds in the dirt. Add water and let them sit in the dark for 3 days. The instructions say to put the bag on a plate cause you have to poke holes in the bottom - this is a good idea cause the water leaks out pretty ended up just pouring the water back into the bag once per day.
After 3 days, then you put it outside in the sun.

July 25th:
Mom checked and HEY there is some grass growing in there. So she put it out on a plate on the deck. She cut the container down a little more to give it some more sun.

July 29th:
Mom looked out this morning and the grass is over the top of the container. A little bit taller and we get to taste test. :)

August 1st:
Yep - growing even more.  Can we test it yet???

August 3:
Taste test!!!! Mom opened the balcony door and let Tim, Tom & Mo outside. After a little encouragement, Tim & Tom both seemed to enjoy the grass. Mom thinks maybe cutting it and letting them have it that way might help. The bag is a little tipsy. Mo just wanted to nom the flowers.  (oh and mom says if you turn up the volume, you can hear Mo "meep" about halfway in)

All in all, we give it a 8 out of 10. The bag could be a little less tippy and Mo was like "whatever". :)


  1. Very tasty review, hahameow! Teri says she has a brown thumb too and that we have this very same bag o grass in our cupboard, and she said she'd open it up today! She usually just buys that $5 cat grass at PetSmart but it's kinda expensive. She then puts it in a pretty yellow pot to keep us from dragging it around. Your mom could put the bag in a pretty pot and then it wouldn't tip over?

  2. I've grown cat grass for the crew a few times, each time the material they give to grow the grass in isn't sturdy enough to stand up to cats eating it, so the grass and the material dislodge from the container, and I end up with growing medium all over my house..

  3. oh that precious voice and that completely kissable head!!!

  4. Oh nom nom nom, sorry that darn bag doesn't want to stays put for you! But your momma said she will be mowing it for you to brings inside and maybe you can drags your grasses arounds MOL hehe

    Thanks you for pawsome review, we do think the bag might has gotten a bit wider so she will check with makers. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  5. How cool for you! My cats are always complaining that they never get cool things to test, just the dorky dog :)

  6. It seems neat and convenient for growing but does seem a bit tippy. From a pup's perspective there is certainly not enough room to roll in it! Have a great weekend.

  7. That looks pawesome! Our mum has very black thumbs, but you have given us hope! :)

    Thanks for leaving purrs for Fui. It means a lot to us that so many friends were thinking good thoughts about him :)

    The Gremlins are very cute. We can certainly see what you mean about them having sad faces. We reckon that after some quality time with you they wont be able to wipe the grins off their faces :)

    And we're so sorry we haven't been able to comment for so long! We have been visiting, but we got caught in a sign in loop every time we tried to comment. Try as she might, mum couldn't fix it! It took dad 2 seconds today and it's all working, so yay for dad! :)

  8. Wow, that looks really great (and NOMMY)!

  9. We get the same cat grass!! It grows very well and kitties enjoy a lot!


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